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Professional Services

AFS uses its own consultants for implementing the solutions rather than third parties.  AFS consultants have deep domain expertise and know AFS solutions intimately.  AFS technology applications also allow for quick integration with other solutions.  The combination of these factors result in AFS having the lowest license to professional services ratio of all major software providers in the industry. Click here to learn more.



AFS offers entire support network across the globe.  Post-implementation, AFS Customer Support takes over. Whether the solution is hosted or installed in a customer location, AFS provides online and phone support to address customer support for any AFS solution.  Routine support and short training by phone are included in the monthly fees or maintenance.  All software upgrades are also included at no additional cost. AFS support is provided by AFS employees who have specialized knowledge of the software they are supporting. Click here to learn more.


AFS Guaranteed Total Cost of Ownership

AFS guarantees total cost of ownership for the software from the initial acquisition to implementation to full cost estimates for the life cycle of the product.  This guarantee includes guarantee against technology obsolescence. AFS achieves this through channel intimacy, control of all aspects of the customer experience by AFS employees and continued investment in technology. Click here to learn more.


Professional Services – Implementation Model

The AFS Advantages
  • Clearly defined process above reduces the uncertainty associated with system conversions and creates predictable timetable and cost
  • AFS Product Design allows us to provide the ability to accommodate any customer specific process through various configurations rather than program changes.  In the event that specific changes are needed for a customer, the architecture allows us to add functionality easier than most other software platforms
  • Post implementation support and transition to steady state is a defined process by a transition group where clients need maximum support.
  • All implementations are managed by AFS employees who have channel and product knowledge.

The professional services group offers several other services post implementation to ensure that system benefits are optimized.  These services include:

  • Operational Reviews are focused on areas to increase efficiency, generate revenue, and minimize expenses. As part of an operational review, time is spent with client personnel to discuss their functional area, key challenges, and opportunities for software to be more fully utilized to drive productivity.
  • Ongoing Training: AFS consultants can identify areas requiring attention and customize training to elevate your employee’s skill level. Our training extends beyond the ERP system to include areas such as Project Management, Crystal Reports, MS-Access, & MS-Excel, as well as training customized for the CPG, Food and Beverage industry to include Warehouse Operations, Transportation, Finance, Sales, Purchasing, and others. Improved training helps drive informed business decisions by internal staff to increase revenue and/or minimize expenses.

AFS Ongoing Customer Support

Upon a successful AFS implementation, AFS Technologies continues to provide the highest level of customer service through ongoing support. As part of our client subscription or maintenance contract, AFS customer service staff is available to provide solutions to your inquiries by phone, email, web and as part of consulting services, through direct on-site visits.

The AFS Customer Service Organization can provide solutions by directly working with the end user, or by remotely accessing the client’s system to drive the resolution. All customer requests for assistance are logged into an on-line Customer Assistance Request (CARE) System to track the speed and effectiveness of our service delivery and your service satisfaction.

Since AFS applications are fully integrated, their business impact and value grows as you automate more of your operations, and increases each year through annual software releases. Your investment in AFS software is protected against technical and functional obsolescence and is an appreciating asset that improves over time. AFS is dedicated to meeting the challenges of the industry by investing in research, technology development, and product improvement.

AFS Software Maintenance Plan Includes:

  • No charge for new version releases of covered products, resolutions to covered software
  • No charge for programming of interfaces to AFS peripheral products
  • No charge for monthly training webinars
  • No charge for the first 15 minutes of any training or support CARE inquiry
  • Reduced hourly rate for support services
  • Availability of discounted Prepaid Support Blocks (10%-25% savings)
  • Steep discounts on new AFS product licenses
  • AFS Technologies User Group Membership eligibility
  • Live customer support, with guaranteed max 4 hour response time; available after hours live support
  • Unlimited 24X7 access to “AFS Community” online customer self-service center
  • Subscription to AFS Today newsletter

AFS Guaranteed Total Cost of Ownership

AFS Technologies provides software solutions for the CPG, Food and Beverage industry that are guaranteed to improve your bottom line. AFS is unique in the ability to guarantee the total cost of ownership and improved profitability.  We achieve this through our unparalleled channel intimacy and by being the technology leader in the industry.

What is total cost of ownership? It comprises the sum total of:

  • The initial cost of acquiring the software and hardware
  • The cost of professional services to install and connect the software to the enterprise
  • The annual cost of maintaining software and hardware on an ongoing basis
  • Cost of technology upgrades during a typical 5 to 7 year technology obsolescence cycle
  • Continued improvement to company performance on a regular cycle

AFS provides accurate and predictable costs for the life cycle of the product and guarantees this cost, while providing functional updates as technology changes. The AFS Guaranteed Cost of Ownership, combined with our ability to provide an accurate estimate of improvement in profitability, is a unique value proposition that only AFS can offer. This is possible because of our deep industry expertise and channel intimacy, and our continuous investment in new technology and development support.

“We bought the AFS ERP system in April, 2000, have been a customer of this product since then, and their total cost of ownership has been accurate and predictable. AFS has upgraded the software from a legacy character-based product to a current .NET SOA product and we’re getting new modules to upgrade our system as part of maintenance. This not only saves us cost in terms of technology upgrades, it also allows us to upgrade one module at a time without going through a complete system upgrade. To my knowledge no other software vendor offers this kind of guarantee,” states Steve Shapiro, President and Owner of Vend Catering Supply.

AFS Core Solutions

AFS ERP system is designed and optimized for CPG, Food and Beverage Distribution and light process Manufacturing. In addition to offering the fully-integrated ERP solutions, AFS offers a number of modules that can be integrated with existing solutions. Our comprehensive Order Management System can augment any ERP system with the ability to handle the complex layered pricing required by the CPG industry. Our advanced financials and Business Intelligence Software can provide sophisticated financial reporting or dashboards without requiring to change core ERP systems.

AFS offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that can be deployed on Windows, iPad®, iPhone® or Android® Solutions.  The technology is such that any solution that be deployed on multiple operating systems using the same data base.  The solutions offered include:

Order Management Systems including layered pricing, rebate management, inventory status and sales commission visibility Retail Execution and Merchandising
• Full DSD and Route Settlement
• Sales Agency CRM and Ordering
• Business Intelligence for any product


AFS TradePro™ Suite provides comprehensive tools to manage trade promotion spend for Food Service and Retail. The solutions deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS) can be deployed in a shorter time frame than any other competing solution, with costs for implementing the solution included in the monthly subscription costs. In addition to establishing and monitoring claims, the AFS solution provides the option to include Claims Settlement Services, where AFS undertakes the outsourcing of settling and paying all claims. AFS also offers a cost-effective data cleansing and reconciliation process.

AFS Discovery™ G2 (AFS Sales Discovery System® or SDS), when integrated with the TradePro™ solutions, provides unparalleled post-event analytics in the industry.


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