Technology Vision

AFS can now implement newer products in a multi-tenant, SAAS architecture by extending SOA with Model View Controller (MVC) framework and patterns. AFS products can be used on devices and tablets including iPad®, Galaxy®, Windows Surface® and smart phones including iPhone®, Galaxy® and Windows phones.


How Does this Benefit Customers?

Continual investment in R&D and technology is your guarantee that:

  • You will not be stuck with obsolete technology that is difficult and expensive to support.
  • You can add new products and functionality to your existing products in a modular fashion. If you currently use a legacy system and have an urgent need to address the lack of efficient financial reporting, order entry processing, driver delivery or warehouse management capabilities—the modular approach is right for you. Extensible architecture allows you to bolt on new modules without having to change your core system.
  • Reusable services are part of SOA architecture. This means that we can add new functionality—including custom or standard code—faster and cheaper than traditional systems.
  • You can extend the applications to mobile platforms such as iPad or iPhone in a cloud environment.
  • Systems from AFS SOA products can communicate to the outside world using any standard communication protocol.
  • AFS products are scalable. The architecture allows for processing on a single CPU or distributed across many systems to spread the processing load. In other words, we provide both “scale-up” and “scale-out” capabilities.