Electronic Data Interchange


AFS Data Exchange is a cloud-based, full service electronic trading solution that bridges technical gaps to connect business trading partners. AFS Data Exchange offers complete visibility to timely and accurate information and efficiently automates otherwise costly manual processes.

AFS Data Exchange has established connections for industry partners at every segment of the Food and CPG supply chain, including Distributors, Processors, Sales Agencies, Manufacturers and 3PL providers.

Foodservice and Grocery based companies deploy AFS Data Exchange to improve order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes without the need for in-house Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) expertise, expensive hardware or large up-front capital expenditures. AFS Data Exchange is highly scalable to handle the smallest to the largest needs and promotes growth without penalty.

Seamless integration allows for companies of all sizes to connect with partners in an efficient manner. The online Dashboard assists with daily monitoring to ensure all transactions are acknowledged and processed internally without error.

As a full-service solution, the responsibility of partner on-boarding, EDI testing and ERP integration is managed by AFS Technologies, thus allowing your staff to focus on tasks that add real value.

AFS Data Exchange services includes:

  • EDI partner on-boarding/ramping service
    • EDI data translation service to match requirements of your ERP system by providing any to any translation
  • EDI mapping services to adhere to partner requirements within the EDI standards
    • Custom file processing and formatting
    • Communications via AS2, FTP, SFTP, VAN
    • EDI migration support to move from another EDI provider
  • Customer Portal, Reporting and Online Dashboard
    • Monitor transactions in real-time for daily review or historical reporting
    • Advanced filters and sorts to pare down results and locate concern
    • Track acknowledgement of outbound transactions for proof of receipt
    • Submit request for new partner set up to AFS Support
    • Reports for error trapping, cross checking, automated monitoring activity


For Suppliers
Whether you are a Manufacturer, Distributor, Sales Agency or Processor, the need for a reliable EDI solution that offers seamless integration and exemplary support is mission critical.  Your IT team is burdened with an ever growing number of concerns and EDI is often too complex for non-technical Customer Service Reps to manage.  Manually processing high-volumes of sales orders is costly, highly error prone and will prove detrimental to your ability to provide the perfect order.

Your customers have become increasingly more sophisticated.  Trading business transactions electronically is no longer a point of differentiation, it is expected.   You can bring true value to the partnership through seamless connectivity, consistency and accuracy.  Having an EDI Service partner that understands your industry and speaks the same language as your customers expands your service offering and highlights your company as a valued supplier

AFS Data Exchange is a full-service, cloud-based solution designed to quickly and accurately expand your partner network without taxing your internal staff.  Our EDI engineers take on the responsibility of working with your partners to initiate testing and coordinate on-boarding projects.  AFS becomes a seamless extension of your service department working on your behalf as a member of your team, not as a middleman.


For Buyers
It is your responsibility to ensure the correct product is received on time to meet demand.  Faxing orders and waiting for invoices via mail offers too much room for mistakes and hinders the company’s ability to take advantage of cash discounts.

Not having a clear idea of what’s on the truck before it hits the dock not only offers potential for out of stocks and lost sales opportunities, but it slows down the operations team and receiving process as well.

AFS Data Exchange enhances the procure-to-pay process by offering buyers a seamless connection to manage purchase orders and acknowledgements, shipping notifications, inventory receipts, invoices and payment processing.


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AFS Core Solutions

AFS ERP system is designed and optimized for CPG, Food and Beverage Distribution and light process Manufacturing. In addition to offering the fully-integrated ERP solutions, AFS offers a number of modules that can be integrated with existing solutions. Our comprehensive Order Management System can augment any ERP system with the ability to handle the complex layered pricing required by the CPG industry. Our advanced financials and Business Intelligence Software can provide sophisticated financial reporting or dashboards without requiring to change core ERP systems.

AFS offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that can be deployed on Windows, iPad®, iPhone® or Android® Solutions.  The technology is such that any solution that be deployed on multiple operating systems using the same data base.  The solutions offered include:

Order Management Systems including layered pricing, rebate management, inventory status and sales commission visibility Retail Execution and Merchandising
• Full DSD and Route Settlement
• Sales Agency CRM and Ordering
• Business Intelligence for any product


AFS TradePro™ Suite provides comprehensive tools to manage trade promotion spend for Food Service and Retail. The solutions deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS) can be deployed in a shorter time frame than any other competing solution, with costs for implementing the solution included in the monthly subscription costs. In addition to establishing and monitoring claims, the AFS solution provides the option to include Claims Settlement Services, where AFS undertakes the outsourcing of settling and paying all claims. AFS also offers a cost-effective data cleansing and reconciliation process.

AFS Discovery™ G2 (AFS Sales Discovery System® or SDS), when integrated with the TradePro™ solutions, provides unparalleled post-event analytics in the industry.

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