Product Information Management & Data Synchronization

AFS Product Information Management and Data Synchronization is designed to provide the solution to a common challenge shared by all trading partners: The ability to maintain accurate, up-to-date, standardized product information from multiple manufacturers throughout the supply chain on a timely basis.

AFS Product Information Management and Data Synchronization is designed to provide up-to-date and accurate information on manufacturer products in a user-friendly format that is readily available at the most critical point in the selling process – where the buying decision is being made.

AFS has been the food industry’s leading source of product information management for manufacturers, distributors, sales agencies and operators, supporting a comprehensive product database with thousands of products from hundreds of food manufacturers. The AFS solution utilizes the DATUM data synchronization platform, leverages GS1 Data Standards, and includes information on key attributes including the Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN), category, brand, handling instructions, shelf life, weights, measures, key product features, serving suggestions and more. Users can quickly and efficiently set up new products by importing key data fields into their item master records, eliminating costly data entry errors and saving valuable time.

  • Increase sales with quick and easy access to extensive product information
  • GS1 Industry standard format supports trading partner data synchronization
  • Data integrates with existing systems including ERP and Order Management systems ensuring reduced costs and accurate product information throughout the enterprise

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AFS Core Solutions

AFS ERP system is designed and optimized for CPG, Food and Beverage Distribution and light process Manufacturing. In addition to offering the fully-integrated ERP solutions, AFS offers a number of modules that can be integrated with existing solutions. Our comprehensive Order Management System can augment any ERP system with the ability to handle the complex layered pricing required by the CPG industry. Our advanced financials and Business Intelligence Software can provide sophisticated financial reporting or dashboards without requiring to change core ERP systems.

AFS offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that can be deployed on Windows, iPad®, iPhone® or Android® Solutions.  The technology is such that any solution that be deployed on multiple operating systems using the same data base.  The solutions offered include:

Order Management Systems including layered pricing, rebate management, inventory status and sales commission visibility Retail Execution and Merchandising
• Full DSD and Route Settlement
• Sales Agency CRM and Ordering
• Business Intelligence for any product


AFS TradePro™ Suite provides comprehensive tools to manage trade promotion spend for Food Service and Retail. The solutions deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS) can be deployed in a shorter time frame than any other competing solution, with costs for implementing the solution included in the monthly subscription costs. In addition to establishing and monitoring claims, the AFS solution provides the option to include Claims Settlement Services, where AFS undertakes the outsourcing of settling and paying all claims. AFS also offers a cost-effective data cleansing and reconciliation process.

AFS Discovery™ G2 (AFS Sales Discovery System® or SDS), when integrated with the TradePro™ solutions, provides unparalleled post-event analytics in the industry.

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