As the U.S. division of Energizer Personal Care, which markets Schick®, Wet Ones® and Hawaiian Tropic® brands, integrated Playtex® into its portfolio, the company adopted AFS Trade Promotion Management Retail (TPM Retail) to standardize processes across the business and garner better visibility into trade spend activities. The task of harmonizing brands and defining business processes while simultaneously implementing a new TPM application affected mass utilization of the tool and resulted in a lower than planned adoption among key teams at Energizer Personal Care. The challenge of properly preparing for a trade promotion system rollout and the training requirements that come in advance of implementing new technology is a common organizational readiness challenge for a majority of manufacturers.

Realizing a TPM system alone would not resolve the company’s trade promotion inefficiencies, senior level management at Energizer Personal Care and AFS collaborated to take a fresh look at the key areas that kept the implementation project from reaching its full potential. AFS and Energizer Personal Care quickly transitioned from a vendor/client relationship to a strategic TPM partnership. Together, the teams reviewed the manufacturers’ internal processes and culture, business needs, specific adoption barriers and training methods to devise a new course of action. It was determined that the TPM software would be re-branded and re-launched.

Since it was imperative for Energizer Personal Care to have a successful re-launch, the first step called for the assembly of a core TPM project team.  Cross-functional leaders from senior management, finance, sales and IT had the responsibility of overseeing the initiative and establishing the right culture – a crucial requirement industry experts will confirm is needed for an implementation to be successful.  Second, a “power user group” was established to act as an advisory panel, testing group and most importantly, to serve as advocates and teachers during the new roll out.  Next, Energizer Personal Care worked with AFS TPM Retail to configure elements within the TPM tool to support its refined processes. Following the official re-launch, Energizer Personal Care created a training team to hit the road and ensure every team member was set up for success.

Like Energizer Personal Care, many consumer goods companies discover that having a best practices roadmap in place makes addressing unique processes less of a challenge. “The decision to re-launch was difficult but necessary,” says Peter Seidita, Director of Commercial Development at Energizer Personal Care. “Many never fully understood the true functionality of the system the first time around. The adjustments made and improved processes put into place helped us learn to work with the software’s functionality, not against it.”

The entire “re-implementation” process resulted in more accurate sales forecasts for Energizer Personal Care, a valuable suite of online and offline reports to benefit the field teams and a firmly established trust in the TPM system and available data. Today, Energizer Personal Care has fully embraced the system and is experiencing outstanding user and leadership adoption.  The tool is being utilized for financial planning relative to trade spend and Energizer Personal Care has started phasing its broker organization into the fold.  The company’s 2013 planning is currently underway in the AFS TPM Retail system with future plans focused on incorporating all of its channels into the system.

“The re-launch has made us more efficient and effective,” says Seidita. “AFS TPM Retail helped us address what wasn’t working and our company now believes there is value to working within the system. We have buy-in and collaboration right at the top which has transcended throughout the entire organization.”

The Results

AFS TradePro™ helped Energizer Personal Care:

  • Build specific reporting levels from the seven-tier hierarchy that was common to the organization
  • Gain TPM sponsorship from department leaders and implement cross-functional alignment within the company
  • Establish one effective system of record for all trade-spend related business activity
  • Access a repository of reports allowing the field teams to perform more efficiently and access critical information quickly
  • Create consistent trade policies, best practices and procedures across the company’s diverse portfolio of brands

About Energizer Personal Care

Energizer Personal Care USA is a division of Energizer Holdings, Inc., a Consumer Goods company operating globally in the broad categories of household and personal care products. The organization currently offer solutions in portable power, lighting, wet shave and personal grooming, skin care, feminine care and infant care. For more information, visit