ERP Purpose-built for Food and Beverage

Enable your overall enterprise along with your inbound and outbound trading partners while also maximizing your business potential with AFS™ ERP.

Maximize throughput, decrease inventory and operating expense.


As you try to reduce costs and increase razor-thin margins, there are many aspects to your business that impacts your goals, such as maximizing your staff’s productivity, effectively managing your inventory, complying with food safety regulations, and collaborating with partners. Often this is done without true visibility into what’s working or not working.

AFS ERP solution is an enterprise system that is specifically designed for the complexities that are unique for food and beverage distributors and processors, such as:

  • Complex sales performance deals
  • Extensive bill back management to ensure money isn’t left on the table
  • Weight, code date, and lot control for full track and trace
  • Accurate suggested purchase order functionality to buy smarter and reduce inventory investment

Scalable architecture makes AFS ERP a good fit for companies of all sizes and a great choice for companies who have growth plans through the addition of new divisions, warehouses, and/or new geographic markets.



AFS ERP offers enhanced functionality to help you increase productivity and efficiencies so you have greater control in optimizing inventory, data and cash flow. If you currently use home-grown ERP systems or vendor systems bolstered with clumsy workarounds, you’ll be delighted at the ease of working with a system that has a real-time integrated view of your core business processes, including:

  • Financials (Integrated General Ledger/Accounts Payables/Accounts Receivables)
  • Deals and Rebates/Sheltered Income Tracking
  • Production
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Pricing/Costing
  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Management


Designed specifically for the complexities of the food and beverage industry, AFS ERP has driven significant value in the following industry segments:

  • Foodservice
  • Specialty distribution and processing (cheese, dairy, meat, seafood, bakery ingredients, candy and tobacco)
  • Wine, beer and spirits
  • Produce
  • Wholesale grocery

We support all types of bakeries with AFS Bakers Dozen.


AFS has been providing leading solutions to the food and beverage industry for over three decades.  To ensure you realize efficiencies and competitive edge in your respective marketplaces, we have incorporated our experience and best practices into a robust set of capabilities, including:

  • Real-time, tightly integrated General Ledger with clear audit trails within the subsidiary ledger to identify the original transaction
  • Buyer and Vendor dashboards that relate actionable data to allow for accurate buying
  • Extensive Pricing and Costing set up to allow for complex models
  • Robust deal management and tracking to ensure prompt deal income recognition for regular sales and food shows
  • Strong collaboration tools for customer connectivity, such as integration with AFS Data Exchange, our full-service EDI solution
  • Standard reporting that can be refined by multiple sorting and grouping criteria and easily exported
  • Accessible database for ad-hoc reporting writing and query building

Deep Data Analytics Specific to ERP

AFS G2 is a data analytics solution that integrates into AFS ERP to help you with inventory, sales, company performance, customers, products, and vendors. The solution offers a variety of analytics, such as spend management and profitability; dashboards tailored to specific roles to monitor the health of the business; and Management by Exception, which enables you to set guardrails that will execute a prescribed action when an exception occurs.

The analytics can be leveraged for near real-time management as well as standard weekly/monthly/quarterly reviews. You can also use the data analytics solution to:

  • Reduce DSO by identifying open orders before they are fulfilled for customers that are beyond their time/amount threshold
  • Closely manage the gross margin by monitoring variances in timescale that lets you quickly take corrective actions
  • Identify trends related to product margins reduction and potential areas to investigate or address issues
  • Monitor the overall health of sales to identify any changes
  • Review profitability by customers, products, vendors
  • Identify products that have the best or worst margin growth
  • Measure company performance at different levels of management


ERP systems are designed to deliver efficient processes by automating mundane and complex tasks while also driving improved business performance though better decision making and the deployment of actionable insights. With its focus on the food and beverage industry, AFS ERP is purpose-built to drive results across many key metrics:

  • Increased deal revenue with tools to capture and process deal monies while also complying with vendor requirements
  • Lower total cost of ownership with a common platform
  • Improved compliance to assure that industry specific regulations are being followed and documented
  • Enhanced traceability with robust product information management
  • Reduced DSO at the customer level with comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Increased labor productivity with time-saving features such as the drill down in general ledgers, easy-to-create dashboards and more
  • Increase productivity and customer service with Event Messaging and Job Scheduling


AFS ERP is the enterprise foundation extending into a comprehensive software suite focused on supporting food and beverage distributors and processors by: