OnDemand Webinars: Efficiently Plan, Execute and Analyze Trade Spend – for Post Event Analysis with AFS & T-Pro

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T-Pro Solutions and AFS Technologies, organizations that provide industry leading software applications designed to more efficiently plan, execute and analyze trade spend, for Post Event Analysis.

Join hosts, Shelley Fow, Solution Engineer, AFS Technologies and Jon Vasatka, T-Pro Solutions EVP Customer Success, as they share how to answer some of the critical business questions all manufacturers face to support a thorough Post Event Analysis:

• WHAT is your promotional spend getting you – increased revenue or just additional costs?
• WHERE are your most effective trade dollars being spent?
• WHEN are you just throwing your trade dollars away?
• HOW often are you performing post promotion analysis?
• WHO is receiving your promotional spending and what you are getting in return?

WATCH NOW this free webinar and hear from industry experts about how to support more effective post event analysis for your organization.