Mar 15, 2015

Learn how to navigate in the fast lane at the AFS Technologies 2015 Industry Conference. The two-day event, being held at the beautiful Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort in Chandler, Arizona, will provide manufacturers, distributors, logistic providers and sales agencies with the fuel to achieve performance. Sunday, March 15, 2015 – Tuesday, March 17, 2015 Read more »

Dec 10, 2014

Presented by Susan Sanford of AFS Technologies and Catherine Kearns of CHD Expert Developing your sales and marketing strategy is overwhelming when you consider the number of operators you can target or the multiple go-to-market options you have to reach those operators—with limited budget, resources and time. As a result, you follow last year’s strategy Read more »

Nov 12, 2014

When it comes to managing trade promotion management (TPM), it can be like a three-ring circus. Marketing juggles the trade promotion strategy and manages categories. Sales walks the tightrope with retailers to execute the promotions at the store level. Finance works its magic on data figures such as volume, revenue, days sales outstanding and expenses Read more »

Oct 09, 2014

Anyone who’s been involved in a Trade Promotion Management—or any other type of solution deployment for that matter—will likely agree that at the root of every successful implementation is a knowledgeable, experienced team and a well-defined, proven implementation methodology. Most, however, won’t be as confident when discussing the real reasons implementations fail, so we’ll tell Read more »

Sep 25, 2014

What are the things you think about when you are looking to improve your company’s KPIs?  Did you know that through simply optimizing your retail activities, you can increase order values by 20% whilst decreasing costs? Positioned by Gartner as a key emerging trend, Retail Activity Optimization is frequently discussed but few are aware of the true benefits and Read more »

Sep 10, 2014

CPG companies spend billions of dollars for their back-office ERP and Supply Chain solutions and, in many cases, for Trade Promotion Management (TPM). From a sales team perspective, these applications—more often than not—are far from meeting the actual, real-world customer business and promotion—planning needs.  This webinar will explain the reasons behind this inconvenient truth, and Read more »

Aug 19, 2014

We would like you to challenge us to do your annual planning, integrated with SAP, within two months. Learn how in five months we can get you up-and-running with the full, closed loop TPM process.

Aug 14, 2014

How does a sales organization in a CPG manufacturer manage its daily tasks while its organization is deploying an ERP application like SAP? Often time-consuming workarounds, such as spreadsheets, are used to handle the planning, execution process and other key aspects of the “front-end” side of the business. Learn a new approach sales organizations can Read more »

Aug 06, 2014

Today, business intelligence is actually sales intelligence.  With competition as fierce as ever and the constantly changing technology landscape, it is more important than ever to establish the right “sales intelligence” strategy to best enable your organization to optimize processes, enhance the customer experience and exceed growth expectations. This all-new webinar reveals who actually needs Read more »

May 07, 2014

With constant pressure to improve service, control costs and increase sales, dynamic service is a core strategic focus for those involved in wholesale distribution. In this webinar, Motorola Solutions shares new perspectives on how your organization can use enterprise mobility to accomplish critical objectives. The discussion revolves around trends, drivers and success stories in the Read more »

Apr 25, 2014

Sticking to 5 Best Practices Delivers Rapid Results and Speedy TPM Implementation for Popcorn, Indiana When a CPG company replaces Excel® in favor of a sophisticated software solution as its Trade Promotion Management (TPM) tool of choice, implementation can seem like a daunting, never-ending process. Snacks manufacturer Popcorn, Indiana successfully completed implementation of the AFS Read more »

Apr 09, 2014

The myth busters at the Shopper Technology Institute teamed up with AFS Technologies to set the record straight about legendary untruths in the Consumer Goods industry. This webinar separates fact from fiction in regards to Trade Promotion Management, Mobility and the Cloud to enable organizations to draw their own conclusions surrounding famous CPG misconceptions. Key Read more »

Feb 24, 2014

There is a swarm of marketing hype within the food industry surrounding the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) and the different (or best) approaches to meet compliance standards. Some believe the propaganda is necessary due to that fact that an estimated 85 percent of produce supply companies are not prepared for standardized case labeling and product Read more »

Feb 19, 2014

The Food Safety Modernization Act…menu-labeling legislation…a growing consumer demand for better nutritional and allergen product information…These issues underscore the need for a standards-based Foodservice data synchronization system to ensure accurate and timely product information.  Inaccurate and incomplete product information, inefficiencies within the supply chain and food safety recalls are just a few downstream problems that Read more »

Jan 27, 2014

AFS Mobile’s Direct Store Delivery & Sales Force Automation software offers increased route flexibility and productivity.   Southwest Beverage (SWB) is a wholesale beverage distributor servicing Southwest and Central Louisiana from three branch locations. Today they are among the top 10% of Anheuser-Busch Wholesalers in the United States, with annual sales of over 4.2 million Read more »

Jan 27, 2014

SITUATION BEFORE SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION Carlsberg breweries use hundreds of field SalesReps using local mobile solution for product sales and distribution throughout the Baltic countries. In order to increase information flow by implementing new, innovative sales processes, Carlsberg has decided to upgrade the already inefficient and obsolete local solution. In 2008, the company announces a public Read more »

Jan 27, 2014

SITUATION BEFORE SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION In the CEE region, which includes Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Pepsi is using hundreds of sales representatives for the sale of its products. Before mobile solution was implemented, paper work was used up until the year 2002. In the year 2002, Pepsi Americas Centre Europe has decided to unify Read more »

Jan 27, 2014

SITUATION BEFORE THE PROJECT In 2000 Nestlé started the worldwide GLOBE Program which has 3 major objectives: • Implementation of harmonized Nestlé Business Excellence Best Practices • Implementation of Data Standards and Data Management – “Managing Data as a Corporate Asset” • Implementation of standardized Information Systems and Technology In 2005 it was decided to Read more »

Jan 22, 2014

Do you have a winning game plan or is a hurry-up offense the best weapon in your Trade Promotion Management (TPM) playbook? Tackling trade promotions with precision and strategy is the best (and only) way for Consumer Goods manufacturers to win over retailers and achieve victory at the shelf. This webinar will outline a disciplined Read more »

Dec 21, 2013

In a rapidly-evolving, technology-based world, little moves faster than mobility itself. The breakneck pace of development of handheld devices, mobile operating systems and wireless networks has up-ended the normal lifecycle of enterprise applications. The number of new advances offers enormous business opportunity for Consumer Packaged Goods/Food and Beverage (CPG) companies, but getting it right is Read more »

Dec 11, 2013

What will shape the world of Trade Promotion Management (TPM) in the coming year? Join us for a recap of the key forces influencing the TPM industry and a look at the potential impacts in store for 2014. The webcast will reveal the eye-opening results from a new TPM research study as well as outline Read more »

Dec 10, 2013

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturers continue to operate in a very challenging environment. Rapidly evolving shopping behaviors, more demanding retailers, disruptive technology, and increasing costs are reshaping the ways companies manage business operations and trade promotion dollars. As a result, manufacturers find themselves under tremendous pressure to determine the right course of action to understand Read more »

Nov 13, 2013

The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) has outlined a course of action to achieve supply chain-wide adoption of electronic traceability of every case of produce. If you are among the estimated 85 percent of produce supply companies who are not prepared for this mandate, this webinar is a must. The presentation will explain PTI, the ramifications Read more »

Oct 31, 2013

Similar to other leading specialty food importers and suppliers, New York City-based American Roland Food Corp.  (“Roland Foods”) uses Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to receive orders and send invoices within its international supply chain. However, the EDI software Roland Foods utilized required a dedicated, full-time IT employee to implement hard-coded programming modifications to address individual Read more »

Oct 16, 2013

From POS data and syndicated data to shopper insights data, the abundance of data has left many organizations data rich, but insight poor.  The challenge many Consumer Goods companies encounter is how to effectively harness the volume of data available and transform it into meaningful (and useful) information. Designed for Consumer Goods Manufacturers who conduct Read more »

Sep 18, 2013

The answer is ‘yes.’  When no one seemed to notice, a new generation of Business Intelligence — known as Data Discovery — quietly entered the Consumer Goods technology arena.  What exactly is Data Discovery? Is it just another BI tool or a passing trend? AFS Technologies along with CPGmatters and the Shopper Technology Institute breaks Read more »

Sep 17, 2013

Data discovery use is about to migrate from the world of Consumer Packaged Goods brands to the world of customer-facing retailers and restaurants. Retailers and restaurants have the opportunity to optimize profits and differentiate themselves from the competition through operating insights, drawn from diagnostic analytics that help deliver what consumers and workforces really want. Today’s Read more »

Sep 03, 2013

As warehouse operations become more critical to overall supply chain success, Euclid Beverage LLC, implemented the AFS Warehouse Management System (WMS) to increase visibility and control over its inventory. To help improve inventory control, Euclid Beverage partnered with AFS Technologies to advance communications with MillerCoors and to develop inbound advanced shipment notifications (ASNs). The results Read more »

Aug 21, 2013

With smarter smartphones, wireless tablets and indestructible handheld devices, the Food & Beverage industry has officially gone mobile.  Join us as we take an inside look at how mobile solutions have literally transformed the way Consumer Products companies operate in the field and the impactful new role mobile applications play in today’s global supply chain. Read more »

Jun 19, 2013

Is Business Intelligence a bunch of smoke and mirrors or can it deliver pure power? The reporting benefits that come from utilizing a Business Intelligence tool seem undeniable, so can your organization truly thrive without relying on one? During this webinar, important questions related to the use of Business Intelligence in the food industry are Read more »

May 22, 2013

Creating demand for a product, selling that product, fulfilling the order accurately and receiving payment are key factors responsible for creating a sale. However, possessing an intimate understanding of the Order Management Process and maximizing the potential of every order – especially at the time the order is being taken – is what truly sets Read more »

May 08, 2013

Warehouse management has evolved – have you?  If your team is still relying on paper, spreadsheets and clipboards to take care of business, this webinar is a must! This presentation will provide an introduction to automating day-to-day warehouse management activities and highlight how advances in technology have changed the way best-in-class companies operate.  Discover how Read more »

Apr 24, 2013

The decision to simply write off deductions is a dangerous practice for Manufacturers.  It can lead to failed audits, poor backup documentation and invalid deduction payments.  With hundreds and even thousands of open deductions sitting on the books, foodservice Manufacturers must start managing the root cause of their deduction balance:  the contracts that the deductions Read more »

Apr 17, 2013

Implementing technology is a solid first step to improve visibility into trade spending activities, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. Technology will not resolve your internal business culture. It won’t fix broken processes either.  The idea that a Trade Promotion Management (TPM) system can singularly settle TPM inefficiencies at a Consumer Goods Read more »

Apr 16, 2013

AFS DATUM is an industry portal that for the first time addresses the CPG supply chain in its totality, rather than simply addressing individual segments of the industry. As the provider of software solutions to every segment of the CPG supply chain, AFS is in the unique position to provide the integrated industry solution – Read more »

Mar 14, 2013

Flexible Enough for Two Plants and 90 Routes through Six States Schneider’s Dairy chose AFS Technologies to help navigate multiple locations and multiple regulations. “The state of Pennsylvania is divided up into six different milk areas and each of those areas has different pricing and different rules that they have to follow. It’s very unique Read more »

Mar 11, 2013

Your CEO will love you for it. When people talk about Trade Promotion Management (TPM), the conversation often turns to sales planning and forecasting. But there is another side to TPM – the settlement process that revolves around deductions, also called charge backs. For many Manufacturers, this is either an ongoing headache with no resolution Read more »

Mar 05, 2013

Standardizing Data For More Than 40,000 Customers Borden is one of the largest dairy groups in the United States, operating 18 plants, with approximately 2,000 vehicles delivering to nearly 40,000 customers throughout the U.S. After a merger and several spin-offs and acquisitions, Borden faced a challenging combination of new and legacy business processes and direct Read more »

Feb 27, 2013

With an average of 15 percent of total sales revenue spent on trade with Distributors or Operators, Foodservice Manufacturers have moved their focus from managing trade spend to managing open deductions. The backstory leading to this shift starts with Manufacturers creating contracts with a fixed price reduction to incent Operators to purchase its product versus Read more »

Feb 19, 2013

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Manufacturers rely heavily on the use of trade funds in order to more proactively shape demand. Trade promotions are used to influence retailers and collaborate on marketing programs to help drive consumer behavior. While the average shopper may not be aware of it, virtually every product placement, price reduction, BOGO and Read more »

Feb 06, 2013

Shamrock Foods Achieves 100% Field Force Uptake with AFS Mobile Retail Execution Mobile Application About Shamrock Foods Shamrock Foods is Ireland’s leading sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution company within the FMCG sector. A member of Origin Enterprises plc, Shamrock Foods is home to three of Ireland’s leading food brands – Shamrock, Roma and Odlums. In addition Read more »

Feb 05, 2013

Simplot Closes the Gap to Excel In-Store Simplot Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the J R Simplot Company, a privately held food and agribusiness corporation based in Boise, Idaho in the United States. The J.R Simplot company was founded by J.R (Jack) Simplot in the 1930’s and is now a multinational food and Read more »

Feb 05, 2013

Achieving Greater Brand Awareness, Greater Visibility and Greater Demand About Whyte & Mackay Whyte and Mackay is a global spirits company with a prestigious portfolio of brands, including Whyte & Mackay Scotch Whisky, The Dalmore Single Highland Malt, Isle of Jura Malt Whisky, Glayva Liqueur and Vladivar Vodka.  In 2007, the company began a campaign to boost its Read more »

Feb 05, 2013

Patties Foods Retail Field Team has the Ingredients of Success From humble beginnings at a country bakery in eastern Victoria, Patties Foods has expanded to become the largest savoury pie and sausage roll, and fruit pie manufacturer in Australia. As a true success story spanning 44 years, the family-business boasts a repertoire of trusted brands Read more »

Feb 05, 2013

Reduced Costs and Improved Productivity Benefit Summary: $60,000+ per annum savings from reduction in paper. Increase in overnight deliveries. Improved inventory management. Improved sales force management About Brown-Forman Australia Brown-Forman Australia is one of Australia’s largest distributors of alcoholic beverages marketing brands such as Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Finlandia Vodka and Chambord. With an office Read more »

Feb 05, 2013

Spin Master increases field force effectiveness in retail stores  Benefit Summary: Increased management visibility to what’s selling/what’s not and the ability to make immediate promotional plan adjustments. Improved store-level merchandising effectiveness. Empowered merchandising team for greater confidence and employee moral. Immediate sharing of ideas with other merchandising reps for increased display effectiveness. About Spin Master Read more »

Feb 01, 2013

Mobile technology is not the future; it’s already being utilized by your peers and competitors to optimize and streamline field operations. Today, field representatives are accessing AFS Quofore®’s multi-tier mobile retail execution software solution on their mobile devices to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day activities. Back at the corporate office, managers are utilizing Read more »

Jan 31, 2013

Trade Promotion Management Challenge Building a collaborative and mutually profitable relationship with retailers is a common challenge among Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers. Farmer John®, maker of packaged deli meats and the world-famous Dodger Dogs® hot dog, has taken advantage of the powerful insights that come with Trade Promotion Management (TPM) technology to strategize smarter, react Read more »

Jan 31, 2013

Trade Promotion Management Challenge As the U.S. division of Energizer Personal Care, which markets Schick®, Wet Ones® and Hawaiian Tropic®brands, integrated Playtex®into its portfolio, the company adopted AFS TradePro™’s Trade Promotion Management (TPM) system to standardize processes across the business and garner better visibility into trade spend activities. The task of harmonizing brands and defining business processes while simultaneously implementing a Read more »

Jan 31, 2013

Trade Promotion Management Challenge As a company makes the journey to Trade Promotion Management (TPM) effectiveness, indirect sales between a distributor and a retailer, as opposed to the manufacturer and the retailer, is oftentimes ignored. The manufacturer of Peace Cereal®, Sweet Home Farm Granola®, Willamette Valley™ Granola Company and Golden Temple Bulk Granolas wanted to Read more »

Jan 31, 2013

Trade Promotion Management Challenge Manually sorting, reviewing and coding stacks of deductions is the industry norm for many Consumer Goods companies, including Weetabix North America. The natural breakfast cereal manufacturer manages deductions for nearly 300 SKUs spread across the US and Canada, including top-selling brands Weetabix, Barbara’s Bakery and Alpen. With limited visibility into its Read more »

Jan 31, 2013

Trade Promotion Management Challenge Every month like clockwork, Jeannie Shin, Controller at Bragg Live Food Products, tackled the tedious and time-consuming task of running separate reports in Excel® and the company’s Sage MAS 90 ERP system to obtain the critical business data her Board of Directors needed to review and evaluate the company’s trade spend efficiencies. Read more »

Jan 31, 2013

Trade Promotion Management Challenge As a recognized leader in the natural and organic foods category, Pacific Natural Foods knew it needed to get a better handle on promotional spending. Lonn Whitmill, division manager-grocery at Pacific Natural Foods, was specifically interested in how that spending related to volumes and promotion-ability for its soup, broth and non-dairy Read more »

Jan 30, 2013

The Trade Promotion Management Challenge Pinnacle decided to wipe the slate clean and search a more robust and flexible solution to accommodate their trade promotion needs in an ever-changing marketplace. They realized the need for an integrated solution that could be rapidly deployed and would support: live-accrual funding, introduce more controls regarding overspending and forecasting, Read more »

Jan 30, 2013

The Trade Promotion Management Challenge With seven brands and over 200 SKUs, American Licorice, the famed Red Vine candy manufacturer, used to handle trade promotions the old-fashioned way: in-house, using JD Edwards—and a lot of paper. Just keeping tabs on what promotions were running where with so many products and brokers resulted in little more Read more »

Jan 30, 2013

Not fully understanding the training requirements that come before, during and after implementing new technology is a common organizational readiness challenge for a majority of manufacturers. After being live on the AFS TradePro™ Foodservice solution for two years, the J. M. Smucker Company integrated the newly acquired Folgers business into the existing software platform.  As Read more »

Jan 30, 2013

The Trade Promotion Management Challenge As a family-run business with skyrocketing trade spend and very little Marketing support, Marcal Paper was acquired by Highland Capital in May 2008. The new management group needed to adopt a trade promotion management (TPM) solution as a way to increase profits and operate more efficiently. The company is an Read more »

Jan 30, 2013

The Trade Promotion Management Challenge As consumers look to stretch their food dollars, it’s easy to see how ready-to-eat frozen foods with quality ingredients combined with value are now in high demand. As a result, California-based Ruiz Foods, the nation’s largest frozen Mexican food manufacturer, doubled its sales force to keep up with demand. With Read more »

Jan 30, 2013

Strengthens Customer Profitability by Leveraging TPM  After spinning off from CG giant Proctor & Gamble, Sunny D suddenly found themselves a small fish in a big pond. As a new small-to-medium-sized business (SMB), it was imperative that Sunny D not only implement new technologies, but rather use them in a way that could exploit their Read more »

Jan 30, 2013

The Trade Promotion Management Challenge    As director of trade marketing at Annie’s, Dan Mader knew from the onset that his organization needed to better forecast trade spending and, more importantly, improve reporting to understand both customer and item efficiency. At the root of the issue, was a need to attain near real-time access to Read more »

Jan 30, 2013

The Trade Promotion Management Challenge As CPG manufacturers face increased regulation, establishing a solid foundation of accurate trade-related data is crucial for them to maintain regulatory compliance, lower operational risk and ensure profitable performance across the enterprise. For the Solo Cup Company, the $1.5 billion manufacturer of single use products, maintaining a reliable data infrastructure Read more »

Jan 30, 2013

The Trade Promotion Management Challenge Popcorn, Indiana, LLC participates in one of the most diverse and highly competitive trade-driven categories in the Consumer Goods industry — salty snacks. With its Popcorn, Indiana® product line and new Chip’ins® product line of popcorn chips, Popcorn, Indiana sells a large percentage of its volume through trade promotions — Read more »

Jan 26, 2013

Mobile solutions allow Consumer Goods (CG) brands to connect globally and operate locally. CG companies of every size and category who have embraced this thought leadership stance are using mobile technology to open new doors to succeed at the shelf as well as enhance relationships with retailers and increase shareholder value. Interested in reading the Read more »

Jan 19, 2013

To survive and prosper, Consumer Products (CP) brands must be ready to win when it matters – in that first moment of truth when a shopper enters a store or stands at the shelf ready to make a purchase. Success in this brief moment, repeated hundreds and thousands of times every day, rests on having Read more »

Jan 10, 2013

Trade spending represents the second greatest expense on the balance sheet of most Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. Most spend anywhere from 15 to 30 percent of total sales on trade dollars to drive demand on the shelves, point of sale and distribution. Despite the increasing importance of trade promotion management, a majority of CPG Read more »

Jan 01, 2013

Despite burgeoning trade spend budgets and the increasing complexity of trade promotion activity, nearly half of today’s CPG manufacturers are still using manual spreadsheets to manage and track trade spend. And while Excel® and other homegrown databases are indeed the right tool to start with, a research study conducted by Consumer Goods Technology Magazine and Read more »

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Playing to win at Retail – Why Flexibility and Innovation Matter in Retail Execution
Wednesday, March 04, 2015

With unrelenting competition and a constantly shifting technology landscape it now more critical than ever to have a flexible and innovative Retail Execution solution to help you win. Join AFS and our partner Trax for our webinar on Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 to learn firsthand how your business can leverage the latest innovations around highly Read more »