Retail Execution, Mobility, and SFA

Enable your sales team to improve shelf performance, promotion compliance and overall efficiency with AFS™ Retail Execution.

Achieve the Perfect Store.


AFS Retail Execution is a mobile, flexible and robust software solution designed to support field sales and merchandising in the execution of tasks designed to deliver on both the Perfect Store as well as field efficiency. Field sales are empowered to quickly manage daily in-store tasks, while management is able to analyze, execute, and optimize various sales strategies focused on shelf and category share.

AFS has implemented successfully in more than 50 countries enabling our consumer goods customers to achieve success through advanced product features supported by our global deployment capability.  Localized solutions by geography and channel allow our clients to optimize field sales processes related to in-store activities for merchandising and sales.

AFS Retail Execution offers an industry specific set of features and functions that fulfill the core set of requirements that form the baseline for field sales execution. For advanced requirements, the product is designed with a level of configurability that allows you to address unique needs without having to customize the software. Sales force administrators can shape and distribute activities across various members of the organization structured along focused store segments.

AFS Retail Execution is built on a modern architecture with workflows that benefit from the inputs of tens of thousands of users.  User adoption rates and satisfaction levels remain high supported by a streamlined and rapid implementation process. Advanced integration models enable data exchange to and from multiple sources/systems, facilitating the exchange of valuable information which in turn drives actionable insights.


Our ultimate objective is to help you increase revenue while reducing costs by optimizing your business strategies along with generating improved field efficiencies. AFS Retail Execution delivers against the following business requirements:

  • Define balanced territories and optimized routes reflecting sales potential and ‘premiumness’ of points of sale
  • Implement store door/segment/channel specific KPI’s along with compliance measurement and enforcement
  • Execute “defend, maintain and gain” strategies to outperform competition
  • Identify and correct shelf voids and out of stocks on promoted items
  • Ensure product availability across multiple locations in the store as well as across a chain, channel or season
  • Focus the field force on the right activities by setting targets at many levels: territory, store, category, SKU, or user
  • Enable corrective actions to address trends around out of stocks, ranging issues, and declining order volumes


Streamline business processes, automate work flow, and increase efficiency, visibly and accountability in the field. Support all the roles involved in retail execution:

  • Beverages
  • Cereals and Pastas
  • Coffee
  • Dairy
  • General Merchandising
  • Pharma OTC
  • Pet Care
  • Frozen Goods
  • Hardware
  • Packaged Goods
  • Personal Care
  • Snacks, Cookies and Confectionery
  • Household Products
  • Health and Beauty
  • Liquor and Spirits
  • Consumer Electronics

AFS Retail Execution has also been successfully used by sales agencies and third-party merchandisers supporting consumer goods companies.


Being a purpose-built solution, AFS Retail Execution focuses on providing an industry and segment specific suite of features and functions to support the sales force in their everyday tasks, including:

  • Visit workflows by call type to clearly indicate what should be done at each point of sale
  • Active in-store data capture and insights: product audits, in-store surveys, photos, planogram compliance, etc.
  • Digital Image Recognition to identify the presence and location of products in the shelf, covering:
    •  Out of stocks
    •  Facings
    •  Prices
    •  Planogram compliance
    •  Share of shelf/category
    •  Distribution/ranging
  • Order entry and financial transactions: product credits, payments, booking sheets, etc.
  • Comprehensive listing and pricing to support granular scenario compositions across chains, regions, and categories
  • Specific capabilities to build the ideal planogram and to measure compliance vs plan/Perfect store scenario
  • Rapid identification of out of stocks or missing products, either by digital image recognition or by standard shelf audit
  • Quickly identify metrics that are outside of threshold and offer ways to fix the issues

We also pair our retail execution solution with our data analytics, AFS G2, to help you maximize your time with the customers who offer the highest potential. AFS G2 enables you to evaluate a combination of measurements and KPIs used to determine the overall success of the retail execution strategy within a store or segment. G2 also helps you:

  • Meet a variety of operational reporting needs at each role level within the business:
    • Call coverage and visit effectiveness
    • Sales and orders
    • Product audits, distribution of products, ad-hoc objectives
    • Perfect Store KPI’s
    • Rep and sales team performance
    • Product sales performance
    • Promotional execution and compliance
  • Automate the process for identifying field exceptions and alerting the appropriate respondent using filters, groupings, and rule-based alerts
  • Develop and refine your customer strategy using insights from data for market potential and share as well as field data for Perfect Shelf, promotion compliance, and execution


AFS Retail Execution has enabled hundreds of companies representing tens of thousands of users to drive efficiencies and improve a wide range of KPIs. Some examples include:

  • Increased efficiency through digital merchandising, call workflow and ordering, resulting in a 25% increase in calls/rep/day (one to two additional visits per day per rep)
  • Increased order value with accurate pricing and promotions, as well as historical order visibility
  • Improved collaboration and sell-in execution with advanced sales tools and folders
  • Reduced margin leakage due to pricing errors, credit mistakes, and erroneous discounts by up to 25 percent
  • Increased distribution by up to 25-50 percent within six months of go live
  • Improved call rates by 15-25 percent