AFS DSD 1.0 for iOS Allows Users to Master the Business of Delivery

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PHOENIX – March 28, 2017 – AFS Technologies, a leading global provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies, announces that its Direct Store Delivery (DSD) application is newly available for iOS®. The application is already available for Android, so the addition of iOS compatibility means that DSD users may implement a “Bring Your Own Device” policy, allowing employees to use their own personal devices instead of juggling both a corporate phone and a personal phone.

AFS DSD 1.0 for iOS facilitates exceptional results across route creation, selling and loading; delivery, and reconciliation of all route activities. The app can boost operational efficiencies and maximize customer service while reducing costs and increasing revenue. More specifically, it provides the following capabilities:

  • Pre- and post-delivery truck inspections
  • Truck load confirmation
  • Product/pallet delivery scan
  • Item location (pallet position/temp zone) on the truck
  • Delivery/scan quantity reconciliation
  • GPS-enhanced directions and real-time route optimization based on traffic conditions
  • Automatic e-mail notifications to customers if drivers run late
  • Voice notes capability

As with its sister product for Android, AFS DSD 1.0 for iOS requires little training, and it enables drivers to save more than two hours a day on their routes, thereby making time for more customer visits each day. And GPS tracking of the driver’s location allows the system to automatically notify customers if traffic jams or accidents cause the driver to run late.


The app also improves driver safety – requiring Breathalyzer tests to be passed before the application activates and the delivery truck can start; disabling the app when the vehicle is in motion; alerting drivers if they exceed the speed limit; recording drivers’ work hours and notifying managers automatically if a driver surpasses the daily limit of driving hours.

“Companies that continue to deliver on paper are missing out on the advantages that come with having an automated real-time communication, tracking, and delivery process. With today’s strict standards for track and trace, extending the automated processes beyond the warehouse through to delivery is the next logical step,” said Joe Bellini, CEO, AFS Technologies. “AFS DSD 1.0 for iOS delivers the automation that food and beverage businesses need to increase productivity, efficiency and asset utilization.”

AFS DSD 1.0 for iOS is just one component of the AFS Delivery Execution Solutions suite, which includes DSD Office, DSD Mobile, Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD), Distributor Management System (DMS), Home Delivery, Web Ordering, and Client Portal.


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