AFS & Exceedra Join TELUS Under New Division

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It’s been an uncertain year for the consumer goods and agri-food industry. COVID-19 has not only drastically impacted the supply chain but highlighted the urgency to tackle existing challenges. Consumers are more discerning than ever, wanting to know where their product is coming from and how it’s made and handled. We’re also facing higher input costs and customers demanding lower prices, better quality and service, and partners with strong sustainability programs.


AFS Technologies and Exceedra have partnered with our customers to address a wide range of business challenges. From ensuring real-time access to information, to optimizing the last steps to market, to securing shelf space and quickly connecting with customers, we have always been dedicated to enabling our customers’ potential.


AFS and Exceedra joined the TELUS family in September 2020 as part of our wider vision on the future of digitizing the consumer goods industry and the critical role technology will play in the full value chain. Today, we are excited to announce the coming together of seven companies to create a global leader in AgTechTELUS Agriculture.


Now as part of TELUS Agriculture, we’re making a commitment to help the entire agriculture, food and consumer goods industry, leverage technology to realize our collective potential. We believe that by using technology for good to unlock valuable data, each contributor in the full value chain can achieve greater efficiency, collaboration and profitability, while producing food more safely and sustainably. As an independent and neutral technology provider that is driven by a strong social purpose, we believe we are the right partner to help the industry achieve this. 


Our AFS and Exceedra teams are delighted to be partnering with a company who are as excited as we are about the opportunities for us to accelerate our growth and investment in making the consumer goods value chain more efficient and profitable.


Visit TELUS Agriculture here: TELUS Agriculture or contact a member of our team to find out more:


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