AFS Fast Minute: The Pitfalls of Tribal Knowledge

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This is an AFS Fast Minute

When we talk with warehouse operators, we hear a lot of pain around what we like to call Tribal Knowledge. This arcane practice is usually snippets of unwritten information that is generally unknown to most of the workforce. Tribal Knowledge is allowing a few key warehouse employees to set best practices for processes and procedures.

Ask yourself
– How do you find product in overflow or reserve?
– Are operators trying to memorize locations, or wasting time searching?
– What happens when that put-away person isn’t around?
– Do you know if temperature controlled products are being stored in the correct coolers and freezers?
– Does inventory just sit on the dock?
– How do you replenish the pick slots efficiently so your drivers can get on the road?

Tribal Knowledge is what makes a warehouse ultimately inefficient. This not only impacts the cost of doing business, but the service you provide your customers?

So how do you fix this problem and solve the pain?

What you need is a “system”, a set of procedures and organized processes that lead to repeatable, consistent, predictable results to drive service up and costs down. You should have a system that directs where inventory gets put away without people trying to remember where it goes. Your business should be in control of the processes the workforce follows, raising everyone’s productivity. It also makes training new employees faster and cheaper.

With the AFS Warehouse Management System and its “directed activities,” you are in control of the critical processes that make your warehouse run efficiently and at lower costs.

If you are experiencing the pitfalls of depending on tribal knowledge, AFS Technologies can help. We have been helping with purpose-built food & beverage distribution management systems for over 30 years, that’s what makes AFS the right technology partner.

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