AFS Predictive Modeling Webinar Preview with Nielsen and SunnyD

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At the “2016 POI” TPM Conference, the final session on Friday was packed with Manufacturers looking to get insights into how Sunny Delight Beverages were winning with trade spending and the ability to forecast lift for future streamlined success.


Sunny Delight Beverage, Co. was looking for a way to predict the lift of a promotion to get the most out of their trade dollars—and they wanted this capability to be easily accessible to account managers from one solution.

AFS Technologies joined forces with Nielsen to develop an exciting new concept to harness high-precision predictive pricing and promotional models through a single point of entry within the AFS Trade Promotion Management Retail tool.

Hear a snippet from the OnDemand webinar that discusses Sunny Delight Beverage’s experience or hear the full story below.

OnDemand Webinar Snippet

Learn about this exciting new concept in trade planning and management that is a low risk, cost-effective approach to predictive analytics by watching the full webinar below.

OnDemand Full Webinar