AFS Retail Execution Software For Manufacturers Featured in Microsoft AppSource Store

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AFS Technologies, a leading global provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies, announced their retail execution solution is one of the first apps to be featured in the new Microsoft AppSource, a new destination for business users to find and try out line-of-business SaaS apps from Microsoft and its partners.

“AFS was pleased to be featured as one of the first SaaS providers for Microsoft AppSource. As mentioned in the official release here, AFS Retail Execution enables consumer goods (CG) organizations to engage with their retail customers in the field, covering visit and merchandising, sales, asset management, and audit,” said Joe Bellini, CEO, AFS Technologies.

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AFS Technologies Brings Innovation and Enhanced Value to its Consumer Goods Manufacturers and Distributors by Featuring Its Retail Activity App in Microsoft AppSource

AFS Retail Execution is an end-to-end mobile solution that is easy to use and helps global consumer goods manufacturers to improve field efficiency as well as drive increased market share, revenue and margin per square foot. Learn about AFS Retail Execution from the recent Gartner’s 2016 Market Guide for Retail Execution and Monitoring Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry . Apply for a copy of the report.

AppSource has more than 200 SaaS apps, add-ins, and content packs available, including new industry-specific business apps such as AFS Retail Execution.

“Microsoft AppSource is a game changer. CG manufacturers and distributors who want retail execution capabilities will now be able to match requirements based on industry strategies and specific business pain points to the workflows, analytics, features and functions in our applications,” added Bellini.

AFS partnered with Microsoft to bring enhanced value to our customers as it provides easy access to relevant solutions for the Retail/CPG marketplace available in a secure, scalable, and reliable platform. Microsoft’s advanced technologies will also help to expand our trade, retail execution, and direct delivery solutions in critical areas such as business intelligence, analytics, artificial intelligence, and gamification—which will help our customers to be competitive.

About AFS Technologies

AFS Technologies (AFS) is the leading provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies. AFS is committed to generating improved outcomes at the point of purchase coupled with generating efficiencies in trade spend, retail execution and supply chain. With experience developed over its 30 year history, AFS serves more than 1,000 customers of all sizes in over 50 countries around the world. AFS products are innovative, configurable solutions that are proven to optimize your potential with automated processes, improved productivity and rapid time to value.

AFS ( was founded in 1985 as a software provider focused on helping food and beverage distributors and wholesalers automate complex tasks with an ERP system, which was developed exclusively for the industry. Starting in 2005, AFS began building out its capabilities to provide niche solutions, such as a warehouse management system from Motek, for niche segments, including seafood processing and foodservice manufacturing, within the food and beverage industry.

Over the next 10 years, AFS added 13 new solutions to its portfolio with the goal of supporting manufacturers, distributors, sales agencies and retailers across the value chain. Solutions included trade promotion management from MEI, Synectics and Answer Systems, retail execution and direct store delivery from Visicom, Quofore, The Pop Company and Ross Computer Systems, and sales agency management from Becton-schantz. Follow AFS Technologies on Twitter at @AFS_Tech.

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