AFS Customer Support

AFS offers you a best-in-class, dedicated support team that provides 24/7 support coverage for critical issues. Over the past years, AFS customers consistently give the AFS Support team high marks. Here are is a sampling what our clients have said about us.

“…always responds at lightning speed and is so helpful with resolving issues”—Global Manufacturer

“I appreciate you being so quick on getting my tickets resolved.  I can always count on you responding the same day”—American Foodservice Manufacturer

AFS Support engages with you in multiple ways:

  • Rely on our 24/7 support portal for quick and easy answers (AFS Customer Login)
  • Prioritize support tickets and associated response time by severity of your issue
  • Easy monitoring of your organization’s status of a request or issue anytime—no matter who in your organization submitted the ticket
  • Touch base with you regularly to conduct health checks to measure your satisfaction
  • Count on knowledgeable people to fulfill your request or resolve your issue
  • Provide multi-language support
  • Get recommended ideas regarding additional training based on your past requests

We also listen. We review all your service tickets and customer conversations to determine areas of product improvement and integrate the ideas into our product roadmap.