At AFS, our mantra is rapid time-to-value. Our goal is to get you live with your solutions as quickly as possible.

Given the variety of solutions in our product suite, we leverage the approach best suited for the solution and the customer’s needs. While we do this, we’re pragmatic and work with you to tailor the approach depending on your own unique situation related to factors such as organizational and process maturity, data availability, infrastructure readiness, mission criticality of the solution, change management challenges, business cyclicality and other factors.

Our professionals bring decades of industry, software, data, and process experience to help you onboard smoothly and efficiently. Many on our team worked in the industry, having used AFS or similar software as a user, and are well-versed with the typical business processes and challenges involved with your implementation. With this depth of understanding, we are able to truly partner with you in defining a solution that is customized to your organization.

Our onboarding approach typically involves the following phases:

  • Initiate a review of the out of the box capabilities and discuss the configuration settings that best suit your processes.
  • Configure the system based on the guidance provided during the Initiate phase, and then load the available data.
  • Train you on the technical and functional aspects of the solution.
  • Validate the solution to ensure that your functionality, data, and processes needs are met.
  • Go Live with the successful launch of your software solution based on the plan developed with your team’s input.
  • Hyper Care is about maintaining continuity during the transition period between the onboarding team and support.

Strategic Value Assessment

Once live for a period, we find that customers start realizing the value but many times not the full potential. This can happen for a number of reasons. We recommend our Strategic Value Assessment. This service involves performing a diagnostic of your solution, its usage, data, process, and value being realized. Then, we compare the results to what was expected as well as to industry benchmarks, where available.

Based on the findings, AFS provides actionable recommendations to maximize the value potential from the solution, including changes to:

  • Process
    • Changing business needs that may require any solution configuration changes
    • Tweaks to process to better utilize the solution
  • Data
    • Missing data that needs to be fed
    • Leverage data generated in the solution more effectively
  • Usage
    • Identify any product and/or data issues
    • Refresher training and/or advanced training
    • Change management related recommendations
  • Value measurement
    • Review the framework and how it can be used on an ongoing basis to track realization of value

Strategic Value Assessment Request