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Phoenix, Ariz. – Dec.18, 2017 – AFS Technologies, a leading global provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies, is pleased to announce that it has launched a new microsite for its Direct Store Delivery (DSD) software solution. AFS is a leader in the food & beverage distribution software business, offering applications for warehouse management, enterprise resource planning, order management, proof of delivery, and more.

Founded more than 31 years ago, AFS has been a consistent leader in providing DSD systems to the food and beverage distribution industry, growing its product portfolio and client base. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies with global scope and family-run businesses all count on AFS to be their best technology partner.

The microsite at explains how DSD can drive efficiency and customer satisfaction in your business. The microsite contains short videos, blog posts identifying the key features of DSD, and links to AFS specialists and related LinkedIn sites. The site also offers a digital flipbook that links to more information about DSD and its sister products. Connecting with AFS has never been simpler, and our goal is to be your best technology partner.

AFS Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a comprehensive software suite that enables superior results across critical business processes such as route creation/selling and loading/delivery, along with reconciliation of all route activities. Business processes related to pre-sales, deliveries, van sales, inventory management, route accounting and settlement are both streamlined and better integrated. With AFS DSD, you can boost your operational efficiencies and maximize customer service while reducing costs and increasing your revenue.

The AFS DSD suite of products contains:

  • AFS DSD Office – a Web-based application used to manage in-field activities performed by the sales and delivery team, as well as provide standalone functionality if needed to support inventory management, order management/generation and production.
  • AFS DSD Mobile – the Android and iOS mobile application used in the field to make deliveries, take orders and payment, and record essential in-store data. Supports a wide range of mobile terminals and printers.
  • AFS DSD Distributor Management – a Web-based application to provide visibility and control over the inventory, orders and delivery activities performed by third-party distributors on behalf of the manufacturer.
  • AFS DSD Web Order – a self-serve order management platform that is Web-based and feature-rich to support both home delivery and B2B business models.
  • AFS DSDLink – a flexible and reliable integration tool for mobile synchronization and exchange capability to connect to other applications, such as your ERP or warehouse management system.
  • AFS Home Delivery – a collection of Web-based applications to provide functionality including: Customer Service, Public Home Delivery Website, Public Mobile Home Delivery Website, Sales Customer Acquisition Mobile application. All applications allow you to:
    1. Register and manage home delivery customers and their orders
    2. Support end-user direct order entry using Public Home Delivery Website
    3. Support sales personnel to subscribe new customers, set up their accounts in the customer service system and help them place their initial order
  • AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) the mobile application used in the field to track a product’s activity from warehouse to customer delivery, supporting just-in-time electronic delivery confirmation including signature capture, photos, and GPS coordinates. Advanced features include the ability to track truck inventory on a real-time basis and provide the detailed level of customer account information that enables your personnel to make fast and precise deliveries.

“Our goal is for you to master delivery. We don’t want to give you a product that will only improve your work life a little. We want you to have a product that allows you to overcome the hurdles that plague your business every day,” stresses Gennadiy Vaksman, vice president of SCM/RE global operations. “Whether you’re new to Direct Store Delivery or you’ve used it for years, we want you to be confident that DSD can help you resolve or prevent late deliveries, shorted products, lost time, needless spending, paper waste, and customer frustrations.”

About AFS Technologies

AFS Technologies (AFS) is a leading provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies. We are committed to generating improved outcomes at the point of purchase coupled with generating efficiencies in trade spend, retail execution and supply chain. With experience developed over its 31-year history, AFS serves more than 1,100 customers of all sizes in more than 50 countries around the world. The AFS products are innovative, configurable solutions that are proven to optimize your potential with automated processes, improved productivity and rapid time to value.


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