AFS Technologies® Extends Digital Image Recognition Functionality to Support the Perfect Store in its Latest Retail Execution Release

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Newest version focuses on high efficiency, accuracy and improved user experience


Phoenix, AZ – March 31, 2016 – AFS Technologies, a leading global provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies, today announced the release of its upgraded AFS™ Retail Execution. The latest upgrade features several key enhancements to increase the efficiency, accuracy and empowerment of the field sales force, including the ability to integrate with third-party Digital Image Recognition functionality.

The latest version of AFS Retail Execution features a new capability that allows users to seamlessly tap into third-party functionality for Digital Image Recognition—from within the AFS application. This enables AFS Retail Execution customers to easily layer any industry-leading Digital Image Recognition functionality to create a solution that will support their Perfect Store activities or Retail Activity Optimization strategy. As a result, AFS customers are now enabled to quickly capture shelf images and analyze the KPIs to confirm if corrective actions are needed—further reducing time and workload in each store.

“Knowing that our customers are interested in having a Digital Image Recognition functionality to capture shelf KPIs, and that the capability is readily available in the market, we designed our Retail Execution software to integrate with digital imaging/data capture to convert that data into actionable insights through a single solution supported through a coordinated workflow,” explains Joe Bellini, CEO, AFS Technologies.

“This is our most exciting release so far. By extending our retail execution solution with embedded features that leverage the data captured through Digital Image Recognition, we are able to quickly provide the capability our customers need to help them improve their in-store time and coverage while obtaining more accurate data from the field—all wrapped in a user experience that ensures rapid adoption,” added Bellini.

The release also includes an improved in-store check process. The Shelf Audit Analysis module has been enhanced to empower the end-user in the field to quickly compare KPIs from current data captured in the store with those from previous data captures as well as exceptions based on preset company objectives. Within the module, the end-user can easily make the necessary corrective actions while they are at the store, such as create an order or service request.

Additional features contained in this release include:

  • Re-design of the back-end web console, enabling a better user experience for system administrators
  • Ability to assign order templates directly to groups of users and customers
  • Addition of non-customer activities to expand the ability to report events that impact availability to execute visits (such as meetings, trainings, etc.)
  • Support for the creation of recurring route templates to re-use a pattern of visits for stores across time
  • Prioritization of visits to support a more comprehensive strategy on Retail Activity Optimization
  • Home screen widgets designed to generate statistics delivered through personalized dashboards providing users the ability to monitor productivity based on data captured throughout the application

To further future-proof AFS Retail Execution, the newest release contains the following technical enhancements:

  • Support for Windows 10 operating system, keeping backwards compatibility with older Windows versions up to 8.1
  • Enhanced support for 8-inch display devices running Windows
  • Regional settings based on user configuration (number formatting)
  • Single sign-on support and ADFS integration
  • Enhancements on the document approval workflow

We will be unveiling the new release for AFS Retail Execution during the AFS 2016 User Conference in Phoenix, AZ, from April 6-8, 2016. View the user conference agenda.

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