AFS Technologies Predicts Key Forces to Shape Trade Promotion Management in 2014

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Phoenix, AZ December 13, 2013 – As a leading provider and thought leader in Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solutions, AFS Technologies reveals its Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry predictions for 2014. In the New Year, everything from mastering the world of mobile apps and Big Data to improving execution at the retail level will be key forces in shaping the world of TPM.

Experts from AFS Technologies hosted an educational webinar for Food, Beverage and CPG professionals to recap the current state of the industry and share insights on what’s to come.  According to AFS Technologies, the trends that emerged in 2013 will be amplified in 2014 in an effort to secure success in a supply chain operating at a higher sophistication level. The Trade Promotion Report: 2013 Trends and 2014 Predictions webinar presentation is now available for download, along with a complimentary whitepaper on the topic.

The following are key highlights, trends and predictions discussed during the presentation.

Mastering the World of Mobile Apps

Consumers have clearly embraced mobile technology and the world of apps, which means true 1:1 marketing is now attainable. Manufacturers who can align themselves with retailer strategies, as well as incorporate trade promotion programs into mobile, will gain a competitive advantage.

Getting the Most Out of Trade Spend

Three out of four manufacturers cite improving trade promotion effectiveness as the biggest business challenge in 2014. Areas of focus will include how to more accurately measure the lift of TPM programs, as well as optimizing how to best spend future dollars. Many will turn to predictive analytics to forecast customer behavior to ensure the best trade dollar investments.

Empowering Field Teams with Tablet Technology

Technology is changing the way field teams execute activities at the retail level. More representatives in the field will be armed with tablets and the ability to send real-time data on promotion compliance, out-of-stocks and new orders to office headquarters. Manufacturers who empower brokers and dealers with this type of field technology will also gain favor.

Jettison Underperforming TPM Tools

Given the affordability and first year ROI of today’s Software-as-a-Service-based Trade Promotion Management solutions, as well as the lack of stickiness due to weak integration, underperforming tools such as spreadsheets and ERP modules will be replaced.

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