AFS Technologies Trade Promotion Management (TPM) Solution Ranked Best-in-Class in 2018 TPx Vendor Panorama 

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AFS Technologies, a leading global provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies, is proud to announce its Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution has been ranked Best-in-Class and received the highest award rating by The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) for Product Aptness & Flexibility, Delivery Flexibility, TPM Functionality, User Experience, Analytical Capabilities, and Product Vision in their recently released 2018 TPx Vendor Panorama. 

The report evaluated 23 solutions in how they help consumer goods companies improve trade promotions through the use of enabling technology. The highest award ratings given by POI were achieved by AFS Technologies in Company Viability, Responsiveness and Track Record, Deployment Capabilities, Market Understanding, Vertical/Industry Strategy, Company Vision. It also lauded the deep industry experience of AFS Technologies and recognized it as one of the few vendors that are solid across the entire TPx spectrum: 

An end-to-end set of offerings from ERP, to business intelligence (BI), to TPx, to retail execution.”

…AFS is growing organically by winning new clients. The company is investing in the TPx product and partnering for capabilities like TPO. Client retention is strong and senior leadership is stable.”

In the review of AFS TPM Retail’s strategy to partner with best-in-class T-Pro Solutions to deliver TPO, POI cites the major strength of this approach in their comments about both AFS and T-Pro: 

The T-Pro/AFS partnership is stellar and the two companies are utilizing their individual strengths successfully to grow the mutual business. The seamless experience for the user is quite amazing.”

AFS and T-Pro have taken partnership to the next level with the ability to get optimization through T-Pro Solutions with a single sign-on. POI saw a streamlined planning experience where a user clicks a simple button on the AFS dashboard to utilize the T-Pro module…”

AFS TPM Retail is flexible and scalable enough to fit all company tiers. Citing the inability of large, enterprise vendors to successfully compete for business with small and mid-size companies, POI addressed differentiators and solution fit across company tiers:

[AFS is] One of few providers offering TPO to tier 2 and 3 companies. Also, one of the few vendors offering best-of-breed retail execution as well as TPx. Adding machine learning to the business process with recommendations puts it well ahead of competitors.

Yet they are also bullish on AFS TPM Retail’s fit for Tier 1 companies:

“The (AFS) partnership with T-Pro & the TPO capabilities enabled opens Tier 1 markets and new capabilities to AFS and its users.”


Among the solution providers in the report, AFS TPM Retail enjoys the distinction of having the most users at 29,555. And, as the only provider listed in the POI report on Microsoft AppSource as well as Microsoft Gold Certified partner status, you can “try before you buy” with the self-service trial option.  The full report from POI is available at


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AFS Technologies (AFS) is a leading provider of software solutions purpose-built for consumer goods companies. We are committed to generating improved outcomes at the point of purchase coupled with generating efficiencies in trade spend, retail execution and supply chain. With experience developed over its 33-year history, AFS serves more than 1,100 customers of all sizes in over 50 countries around the world. The AFS products are innovative, configurable solutions that are proven to optimize your potential with automated processes, improved productivity and rapid time to value.

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