Baker’s Express LLC Adopts AFS ERP and AFS WMS Solutions to Improve Efficiencies in Distribution

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Phoenix, AZ February 4, 2014 – Baker’s Express LLC, a distributor of bread and baked goods to the supermarket industry, will adopt multiple tools from the AFS Technologies, Inc. product suite, including AFS ERP and AFS Warehouse Management System (WMS) to reduce manual processes and gain operational efficiencies and accuracies.  Baker’s Express is a cross dock facility in New Jersey which manages retail orders and store deliveries for several supermarket chains from Maryland to Massachusetts.

The Bakers Express operation currently utilizes a paper based system. By partnering with AFS Technologies, they will be empowered to break its dependency on outside technology and gain the operational accuracies the AFS ERP and AFS WMS platforms can deliver. The strategic decision to adopt multiple tools from the AFS Technologies solution suite will provide Baker’s Express division with the most complete and complementary set of functionalities to better optimize its business performance.

Grocery Haulers, Inc., which is the managing member of Baker’s Express LLC, will be implementing the same tools from AFS Technologies, Inc. in its Operative Cake facility. Operative Cake distributes snack cake and other snacks to supermarkets in the New York City area through independent route owners. Operative Cake also distributes Bread and Cake to New York City schools via company drivers.

About AFS Technologies

AFS Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of business enterprise and on-demand software solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of the Consumer Packaged Goods, Food and Beverage, and Financial segments. With over 25 years of industry experience, the global company now serves over 1,500 customers in more than 40 countries with cutting edge technology designed to optimize the order-to-cash flow cycle and improve efficiencies across the entire supply chain.  AFS solutions are utilized by manufacturers, distributors, broker/sales agencies, third party logistics providers and retail operators.  These industry trading partners rely on AFS technology applications to automate business processes, optimize trade promotion management, reduce costs, increase sales and margin performance, support regulatory compliance, enhance field salesforce efficiencies, and drive collaborative commerce through data synchronization. All AFS solutions utilize service-oriented architecture (SOA) built with Microsoft .NET framework technology. AFS solutions interface with existing non-AFS systems and offer true deployment flexibility that allow customers to upgrade specific elements of the software without affecting the rest of the system. AFS products are also available as fully integrated end-to-end solutions or as individual modular applications. AFS offers customers true deployment flexibility through traditional licensing or subscription-based programs, from on-premise to on-demand solutions in the cloud. For additional information, please visit or call (602) 522-8282.

About Baker’s Express LLC

Founded in 2000 Baker’s Express is a privately held bakery distribution company located in central New Jersey. Baker’s distributes a wide variety of private label and nationally branded breads and baked goods supermarket chains in the northeast. Baker’s distributes over 600 items purchased from over 50 vendors to more than 400 store locations multiple times per week. Grocery Haulers is the managing member of Baker’s Express LLC.

About Grocery Haulers

Founded in 1972, Grocery Haulers is a privately held logistics company headquartered in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Operating throughout the Northeast, service currently spans from Bangor, Maine, in the north to Chester, Virginia, in the South. The company specializes in providing fully integrated logistics solutions and dedicated transportation services to the retail, wholesale and manufacturing sectors of the food industry. Its client base includes category dominant food/baking companies and regional supermarket chains. For more information,