Purpose-built for Bakeries

Manage your bakery business with AFS™ Bakers Dozen, a tailored yet affordable, all-inclusive ERP/DSD solution.

Bake technology into your processes.


AFS Bakers Dozen is a comprehensive ERP/Direct Store Delivery (DSD) application which is capable of configuring a solution for any and all bakery types, addressing specific business challenges such as Safe Quality Food (SQF) compliance, waste by forecasting, end-to-end lot tracking, production planning, scheduling, and reconciliation.

Leveraging deep industry knowledge and experience, we have honed our solution to ensure Bakers Dozen delivers an easy-to-use application designed to meet your specific bakery requirements. In fact, many of our customers have been with us for over 15 years. We continuously endeavor to future proof our applications, as evidenced by our smart mobile application which enables route distribution for your “direct store delivery” team.


In running a successful bakery, it is essential you bake productivity and efficiencies into your process. The payoff is reduced waste and labor costs along with greater profitability. Bakers Dozen enables you to achieve:

  • Reduced effort in managing governmental regulation and industry compliancy
  • Accurate inventory management across the plant and warehouse
  • In-depth sales forecasting to better manage issues related to product shelf-life
  • Enhanced forecasts based on web orders
  • A reduction in effort, resources and time associated with managing large volumes of products
  • Improved customer satisfaction with accurate visibility into product availability
  • Better labor utilization and raw material forecasting with a robust production schedule
  • Accurate scale measurement and improved quality

For specific segments, the benefits include:

  • Fresh baked bakeries: better and faster forecasting for sales and production
  • Large scale bakeries: better and faster production scheduling and production reconciliation across multiple plants and production lines
  • Frozen product bakeries: detailed “cradle-to-grave” lot tracking and better, faster production efficiencies and reconciliation


Bakeries of all types and sizes deal with a variety of challenges on a daily basis:

  • How to get your orders? How to manage order taking efficiently? How to prepare production ahead of the orders? How to streamline and take control of the order process?
  • How to decide what you will bake? And how much extra to bake?
  • How much product is wasted because it didn’t get sold? Or what about ingredient and finished goods shrinkage? How much was wasted during production?
  • How to plan production? How to accurately schedule the overall production process?
  • How to ensure you always have enough ingredients without overstocking? And how to keep track of each ingredient’s expiry date?
  • How to efficiently get your goods to your customers or retail outlets?


We support more than a hundred fresh baked bakeries, artisan bakeries, full-line bakeries and central commissaries with robust capabilities that include:

  • Online ordering
  • Bake-to-order
  • Purchasing and receiving
  • Multi-warehouse inventory management
  • Production planning
  • Production scheduling
  • Forecasting
  • Formulations and costing
  • Multi-plant, multi-production line processing
  • Maintenance and sanitation
  • Lot tracking
  • Production reconciliation
  • Production reporting
  • Distribution and loading
  • Billing
  • Route accounting
  • Mobility solution for direct store delivery
  • Accounts receivable
  • Sales reporting and analysis
  • Nutritional Analysis and labels