CGT Study Explores the Human Element of Trade Promotion Management And The Missed Opportunity Hidden In The Data

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Phoenix, AZ– January 6, 2015 – AFS Technologies, (AFS) the global provider of solutions purpose-built for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, teamed with Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) to explore the human element of TPM and better understand how well systems are actually being used and by whom to manage trade spend and deductions.

The study covered companies with revenue in three tiers and looked at the company assets assigned to support the planning and implementation internally. Highlights include:

  • Tier 1 and the larger Tier 2 organizations, where IT involvement and documentation support was regularly present, uses TPM substantially more effective.
  • Larger companies also reported that they lean on the product more than smaller companies and find the results more effective and positive.
  • The most common processes documented are those for sales and execution (79 percent of the respondents) and reconciliation (71 percent of respondents).
  • Zero percent of respondents rated the effectiveness of their TPM use as excellent.

The results of the study are eye opening and shed light on the fact that users are not getting the most out of their TPM solutions. This is a missed opportunity for companies who have moved from manual data entry and analysis to software-based solutions if they have not paid due consideration to the processes or trained their people.

Kurien Jacob, AFS CEO, notes, “It may seem logical that trade planning and trade spending can be made easier through the use of technology. But technology is not a silver bullet when it comes to trade promotion management.”

“In the 30 years that AFS has worked with manufacturers in the CPG industry,” Jacob continues, “We have often seen that organizations which root their success in people, processes and technology are ultimately the ones that achieve true ROI from their TPM efforts.”

The study is available here for your reading pleasure

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