Standardizing Data For More Than 40,000 Customers

Borden is one of the largest dairy groups in the United States, operating 18 plants, with approximately 2,000 vehicles delivering to nearly 40,000 customers throughout the U.S. After a merger and several spin-offs and acquisitions, Borden faced a challenging combination of new and legacy business processes and direct store delivery (DSD) software – not to mention a growing number of customers with their own business requirements. Borden enlisted AFS Technologies to help standardize and consolidate its DSD data and software solutions.

“AFS really specializes in DSD route accounting for the dairy industry. They talk the same language we do – and understand from a business standpoint and a systems standpoint what is really required to make it work,” noted Shannon Bouldin, Manager of Applications Development & Support, in discussing the vetting process.

AFS systems had already been at work in a number of Borden’s independent operations. “We already knew there was a fit. Everyone had an opportunity to provide feedback. It was pretty much a unanimous decision to go with AFS,” stated Bouldin. Today, Borden utilizes a full range of the AFS DSD route accounting solution, including, order-to-cash and procure-to-pay.

“We have a few locations that utilize pre-ordering, and others that have peddle routes (run with handhelds), and we are able to use the system to handle both,” explained Bouldin. “With AFS, we can also use the system to track the flow of warehouse inventory, so we know what we need for ingredients and packaging material. We have constant tracking of our transactions––the product as it’s produced and goes out the door, and the transactions that come back in and show our sales.”