Flexible Enough for Two Plants and 90 Routes through Six States

Schneider’s Dairy chose AFS Technologies to help navigate multiple locations and multiple regulations.

“The state of Pennsylvania is divided up into six different milk areas and each of those areas has different pricing and different rules that they have to follow. It’s very unique to most other states in the U.S,” notes David Schneider, Vice President of Schneider’s Dairy.

And that’s just Pennsylvania. Schneider has five other states to cover.

“AFS Technologies understands the dairy business,” says Schneider. “They’re very easy to deal with. We’re utilizing their software in every area that we can — from managing inventory, to taking orders, billing, and through the distribution of drivers delivering orders.”

“With handheld devices, driver stops are downloaded and available so the driver can bring up a customer’s order, make adjustments if needed and give the customer a clean invoice for accurate payment.  This reduces manual calculation errors,” explains Schneider. “It speeds up the whole billing process.”