User Configurable Business Analytics

Drive data insights with user configurable analytics as required by your evolving business conditions—without relying on IT.

Generate Actionable Insights.


When it comes to data analysis, business users typically have two options: company-standard business intelligence software or spreadsheets. AFS™ G2 is an easy-to-use, flexible data analytics solution that is purpose-built for the business user in the consumer goods industry. With more than 20 dashboards, more than 50 solution tabs and more than 100 supported KPIs, AFS G2 is powerful enough for the most discriminating BI user and easy enough for any user in the organization to access and analyze data with close to zero latency.

When integrated with other AFS solutions, G2 provides context-rich insights based on your solution’s data as well as integrated third-party data. This is achieved with pre-packaged KPIs and analytics that are based on best practices developed by working with hundreds of consumer goods companies. G2 is unique in offering Management by Exception functionality, which automatically alerts management to urgent business situations based on data deviations that violate or are trending to violate defined thresholds in G2 along with providing resolution alternatives.


With minimal IT support, AFS G2 helps the consumer goods business user easily dive into granular data to develop actionable insights that can optimize:

  • Organic brand growth
  • Innovation/new growth
  • New markets
  • Evolving consumer demands
  • Shrinking operating margins
  • Compliance and regulatory pressures
  • Customer relationships and retention

When you pair AFS G2 with other AFS software solutions, you are able to gain deeper insights into the specific business processes that your AFS software supports. Examples include:

  • With AFS Trade Promotion Management Retail: post promotion analytics, promotion compliance by chain. Learn more
  • With AFS Trade Promotion Management Foodservice: contract exposure, operator end-user compliance, void, and multi-dipping. Learn more
  • With AFS Retail Execution: Perfect Store metrics, share of shelf, distribution gain/loss, sales performance. Learn more
  • With AFS Direct Store Delivery: route performance metrics, measuring unit quantities; sales by region, product, and route; customer credit by reason. Learn more
  • With AFS Warehouse Management System: warehouse performance metrics, space utilization metrics and labor standards. Learn more
  • With AFS ERP: margin analysis, at risk clients, sales performance by customer/product. Learn more



G2 generates a single version of your data accessible through a regimented permissions framework, enabling you to:

  • Filter out nonessential information using specialty filters, such as void matrix, or standard filters (i.e., data range)
  • Set up Management by Exception to monitor metrics that are tied to critical business situations where immediate intervention is required when a deviation occurs
  • Define Management by Exception to send online and offline alerts, including suggested resolutions paths
  • Analyze multiple KPIs through dynamic charting/graphing or user-defined dashboards
  • Combine relevant dashboards and granular analysis to maximize the information you, your team and management needs to lead the business
  • Merge information from multiple sources including: AFS solutions; third-party systems, such as ERP systems; industry data sources, including IRI and Nielsen; various budgeting tools; and spreadsheets
  • Perform ad-hoc analysis with an option to save your template in a variety of formats including spreadsheets, PDF, or text for other users to share throughout the organization
  • Share individual offline data sets seamlessly, or online data virtually via any device, including mobile devices from Apple®, Android® and Microsoft® with colleagues or third-party vendors
  • Deploy field-level data individually to sales reps, customer service personnel, etc., automatically at defined time intervals, including: day/week/month/period/quarter/yearly/freestyle levels
  • Set data security level based a specific role/position to ensure only relevant data is accessible


True insight comes from the integration of AFS G2 with your AFS software solutions, enabling you to quickly drill into problem areas as well as opportunities, identifying potential resolutions with contextual analysis. You benefit from:

  • One version of the truth, which ensures consistency throughout the organization because G2 easily combines data used by your staff from AFS software solutions and third-party data sources
  • Automated online and offline alerts for rapid sense and respond and improved user productivity by enabling you to manage a higher volume of work without adding resources
  • Predictive analytics that identify issues based on trends before they become major challenges that could impact top and bottom line metrics
  • Industry best practices and KPI which are integrated into AFS G2 so you can benefit from them on day one rather than spending months defining and building KPIs in a standard business intelligence application
  • Quick, cost-effective G2 implementations provide rapid time to value by streamlining access to relevant analytics within your AFS solutions
  • An ability to empower you with analytics at a fraction of the cost and time compared to traditional business intelligence project initiatives