Effective Sales, Delivery Operations, and Route Accounting

AFS™ Direct Store Delivery supports pre-sales, distributors, sales agents, delivery and van sales teams.

The Right Product, Right Place, Right Time


Our combination of industry experience coupled with our market leading software enabled best practices ensures that your business can be up and running rapidly so you can quickly reap such benefits as:

  • Increased sales and delivery productivity by 25-50 percent with integrated and automated processes
  • Improved sales and order-to-cash cycle time
  • Elimination of reconciliation paperwork
  • Diminished customer disputes, chargebacks, and collection issues by up to 50-75 percent with Proof of Delivery
  • Reduced inventory shrink and loss by up to 20-40 percent with process visibility, accountability, and control of all cash and inventory transactions
  • Minimized shelf out of stock by 30-50 percent
  • Efficient fuel and labor utilization with increased leverage of delivery assets


Royal Crest Dairy


AFS Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a comprehensive software suite that enables superior results across critical business processes such as route creation/selling and loading/delivery, along with reconciliation of all route activities. Business processes related to pre-sales, deliveries, van sales, inventory management, route accounting and settlement are both streamlined and better integrated. AFS DSD helps to build the Perfect Store picture at each retail location by supporting merchandising activities for the traditional trade/direct store delivery channel. With AFS DSD, you can boost your operational efficiencies and maximize customer service while reducing costs and increasing your revenue.

Modernized through the latest technologies, the AFS DSD suite provides a robust set of features and functions which provide both the flexibility and configurability to support multiple business processes and user scenarios. The application’s interface design is intuitive thereby reducing user training and support efforts. As a state-of-the-art platform, AFS DSD ensures reliability and scalability across the most demanding scenarios enabling accelerated business growth in both current as well as new markets.


With AFS DSD, you can integrate selling, marketing and delivery efforts across your organization, streamlining daily activities for both independent operators and company drivers. Our customers often find that they are able to completely transform their business with:

  • Increased execution, productivity, and portfolio distribution at the POS
  • Execution activities aligned to strategic business objectives and KPIs
  • An ability to effectively monitor delivery and sales activities to assure compliance and security
  • Timely information about the products’ performance at the point of sale to help you achieve better decision-making


Our solution incorporates industry best practices and addresses the challenges of DSD and route settlement with the experience we have gained through hundreds of deployments across a variety of geographic regions and industry segments including:

  • Beverages, juices and drinks
  • Bottled water
  • Bakery, including specialty and wholesale
  • Candy and confections
  • Coffee service
  • Cookies
  • Dairy, cheese and cultured products
  • Ice cream and novelties
  • Packaged ice
  • Packaged meats and prepared foods
  • Salty snacks and nut meats


AFS DSD equips you with the tools you need to ensure your DSD processes are both efficient and effective.  Leveraging the latest generation of technology on both the mobile and corporate side, it enables your drivers/salesmen and delivery teams to address both store sales and merchandising activities.  It weaves high performance into every stage of your delivery process—from the start of day loading and preparation to the end of day inventory and route settlement.

The AFS DSD suite of products contains:

  • AFS DSD Office – a web-based application used to manage in-field activities performed by the sales and delivery team, as well as provide standalone functionality if needed to support inventory management, order management/generation and production.
  • AFS DSD Mobile – the mobile application used in the field to make deliveries, take orders and payment, and record essential in-store data. Supports a wide range of mobile terminals and printers.
  • AFS DSD Distributor Management – a web-based application to provide visibility and control over the inventory, orders and delivery activities performed by third-party distributors on behalf of the manufacturer.
  • AFS DSD Web Order – a self-serve order management platform that is web-based and feature-rich to support both home delivery and B2B business models.
  • AFS DSDLink – a flexible and reliable integration tool for mobile synchronization and exchange capability to connect to other applications, such as your ERP or warehouse management system.
  • AFS Home Delivery – a collection of web-based applications to provide functionality including: Customer Service, Public Home Delivery Website, Public Mobile Home Delivery Website, Sales Customer Acquisition Mobile application. All applications allow you to:
    • Register and manage home delivery customers and their orders
    • Support end-user direct order entry using Public Home Delivery Website
    • Support sales personnel to subscribe new customers, setup their accounts in the customer service system and help them place their initial order
  • AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) the mobile application used in the field to track a product’s activity from warehouse to customer delivery, supporting just-in-time electronic delivery confirmation including signature capture, photos, and GPS coordinates. Advanced features include the ability to track truck inventory on a real-time basis and provide the detailed level of customer account information that enables your personnel to make fast and precise deliveries.

Through this comprehensive suite of products, the following capabilities are provided:

  • Ability to simultaneously support multiple routes to market including direct company sales, sales through independent operators and distributors, or hybrid models
  • Robust back-office functionality including forecasting, order generation, pricing, and document review
  • End-to-end processing of stale and damaged returns
  • Real-time orders, delivery notifications and communications to the mobile user
  • Comprehensive route accounting, reconciliation and status
  • Standard integration with most ERP systems
  • Elimination of paper and related activities with automated document archiving and viewing
  • Integrated field asset management
  • Optional GPS/geofencing for driver location tracking, turn-by-turn directions and visit verification
  • Expense tracking and vehicle reporting
  • Support merchandising activities, surveys and loyalty plans

Deep Data Analytics for DSD

AFS G2 is a data analytics solution that integrates with AFS DSD to help you analyze sales performance, route optimization and inventory management. The integrated solution provides you with more than 30 standard hierarchies specific to DSD segmented categories populated through standard data structures available within the product. As a result you are able to:

  • Monitor important KPI’s in one glance with user defined dashboards
  • View the quantity of units delivered through multiple lenses (i.e., dollars, cases, units, and more)
  • Evaluate regional sales and profitability at multiple levels in the hierarchy (i.e., company-level, branch, sales zone) or to the team/individual level (i.e., sales supervisors, route and driver)
  • Provide sales data at the product level, segmented by category, brand, flavor, vendor, and SKU
  • Analyze route sales and profitability at the route branch, route and driver level
  • Gain greater control over damage and credit management by easily identifying customer credits by reason code at the customer, product, and route level
  • Identify the highest and least grossing customers, products, and routes
  • Gain insight into route performance by viewing stores scheduled vs. stores serviced
  • Receive automated online and offline alerts to notify you of business situations that have deviated from the norm and require immediate attention based on a defined Management by Exception criteria

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