Paperless Proof of Delivery

Track and trace including just-in-time electronic delivery confirmation with AFS™ Electronic Proof of Delivery.



By incorporating our industry experience and best practices into a technologically-advanced solution for paperless delivery, our customers will experience an increase in driver productivity. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Improved customer satisfaction with on-time and accurate order delivery as well as better documentation around the actual delivery
  • Greater total cost of ownership due to better management and storage of documents as well as reduced costs associated with document imaging hardware and scanning
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding by working with clean invoices that clearly documents delivery
  • Better data integrity using a digital format that reduces human error or lost documentation from manual processes and rekeying
  • Enhanced customer account information based on easy-to-access digital documentation
  • Process optimization based on data about the driver, routes and customers to refine operations




Companies that deliver on paper are missing the key advantages of real-time communication and automation. With today’s strict standards for track and trace, extending the automated processes beyond the warehouse to the time of delivery is the next logical step.  Knowing the right case was delivered to the right stop at the right time is imperative to protect your customers and your brand as well as to maintain compliance.

AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePoD) is a mobile application used in the field to track a product’s activity from warehouse to customer delivery, supporting just-in-time electronic delivery confirmation including signature captures, photos, and GPS coordinates. It also tracks truck inventory on a real-time basis as well as providing a level of customer account information that enables your personnel to make fast and precise deliveries.


When you manage thin margins, making every effort count is critical to achieving profitability. This requires evaluating manual and time-intensive processes to ascertain if automation will help to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and better manage:

  • Order delivery accuracy
  • Seamless product recalls
  • Customer service
  • Reduction in delivery errors
  • Control return/pick up process
  • Check-in and check-out activities
  • Back-office processes such as invoicing and reconciliation


AFS supply chain customers have enjoyed significant benefits through delivered results, some of whom having been with AFS for over 25 years. We leveraged this strong experience base to ensure AFS ePoD provides industry best practices that will enable distributors and wholesalers to deliver on track and trace while maximizing driver productivity before, during and after the stop.


  • Check-out process
    • Load truck with correct inventory
    • Driver health and safety survey
    • Pre-trip inspection
  • Delivery
    • Track and trace capability with just-in-time electronic delivery confirmation including signature captures, and photos
    • GPS tracking to monitor the driver at any point of time
  • Paperless reports
  • Delivery documents shared via emails
  • Delivery confirmation by case or pallet with single scan capability
  • Credit returns with reason codes and photos
  • Item/pallet positioning to easily locate products loaded on the truck
  • Real-time communication with the distribution center to promptly manage delivery concerns
  • Check-in process for unloading trucks and reviewing:
    • Inventory reconciliation and returns
    • Cash collections
    • Review incomplete tickets
    • Day end load reports
  • Reconciliation
    • Post-trip inspection
    • Expenses
    • End miles
  • Multiple mobile technology platforms and supported form factors/devices
  • Integration with business critical applications
    • AFS products including Warehouse Management System and/or ERP
    • Third-party products with single sign-on


AFS ERP is the enterprise foundation extending into a comprehensive software suite focused on supporting food and beverage distributors and processors by:


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