Inventory Traceability with a Single Scan

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How much inventory do we have on hand?
Where is it? Where did it come from? Where is it going?
Do you have the right mix of SKU’s based on history and compliance issues?
Are we GS1 and PTI Compliant?

Just a few questions a warehouse manager is constantly asking and is being asked by senior management that wants the answers at their fingertips so the right decisions can be made before the cycle repeats.

Good news…The newest release of the AFS™ Warehouse Management Systems (AFS WMS) platform offers a solution with multiple voice picking enhancements in multiple languages, including Spanish, complete Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) functionality, in case of a recall, and includes integration with GS1 to provide single scan traceability.

Being a long-time technology partner on both the PTI Steering Committee and GS1 Standards committee, AFS Technologies is proud to be at the forefront of the produce traceability movement. That’s why its latest WMS release was strategically developed to align with evolving industry standards and requirements. As a result, distributors can rely on a single WMS tool to gain better visibility into food traceability, automate data throughout the warehouse with a single scan, and ensure PTI compliance both now and in the future.

“The AFS WMS release handles PTI and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) compliance right out-of-the-box for 3PL companies,” says Joe Bellini, CEO at AFS. “Companies will have the ability to scan a GS1 label once, extract multiple data elements including GTIN, lot and quantity and automatically parse all of the embedded data into the AFS WMS solution. This single scan functionality results in 99 percent plus accurate data and reduces scans by 300 percent, adding value throughout the supply chain as well as downstream for the customer.”

The new PTI functionality in AFS WMS adds even more capabilities and benefits to distributors, including PTI voice pick codes and compliant hybrid pallet labels. It integrates easily with ERP systems. The software also enables organizations to track inventory expiration dates and eliminate physical errors to improve accuracy and order fulfillment. As more retailers enforce PTI compliance, the AFS WMS release equips distributors with the tools needed to reduce the risk of rejected shipments.

The current release of the AFS WMS platform is also fully integrated with AFS™ Data Discovery, a tool to oversee and course-correct business performance. This enhancement enables senior management to access advanced analytics anytime and on any Apple® or Android® smartphone, tablet or laptop. AFS WMS is Windows® 2012 Platform Certified and scalable allowing for easy upgrades and implementation.