OnDemand Webinar: Machine Learning and Retail Execution

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With all the data available these days, the decision making process at all levels has become a cumbersome task. Only few people in each organization understand the relevance of the information gathered and are able to define the strategy to follow to be successful at the shelf. With Machine Learning, the process of analyzing great amounts of data gets significantly easier and the information is made available to all members in the organizations, hence, proper decisions are made and strategies are deployed to the field faster and more accurately since machines will help to predict the outcome of such strategies.

In this Webinar, AFS Technologies will discuss the innovation behind the machine learning process, how are we teaching computers to think and to sense things the same way humans do, and how machine learning helps Retail Execution by enhancing Retail Activity Optimization process in the identification of common patterns at the store and how it helps to predict what to do next, in order to increase revenue and effectiveness.