Mobility Can Save the Sale

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Every consumer goods manufacturer loves a hot selling product—so do retailers and consumers, for they make it a reality. But a disruption in its availability can have an impact on missing a loyal customer, a sale or both. Mobility helps empower field sales reps to ensure this never happens.

The job ‘retail execution’ plays in this is not to be underappreciated.

Consider this scenario, a consumer hears of a new hot sauce and wants to try it. She visits her local retailer and finds it is ‘out of stock.’ The grocery store manager says, they should be able to restock in 5-7 days. “Oh well, I’ll try somewhere else” and the opportunity is lost.

Now let’s rerun this scenario with retail execution working efficiently. A field rep informs the store manager that they are seeing great demand for their hot sauce and other stores are selling through faster than normal. The retailer decides to double the order and the rep inputs it into his hand-held mobile device. Manager signs off on the device, the order is submitted to HQ, and the out of stock issue is prevented.

When manufacturers, their field reps and retailers are able to react in real time with mobile solutions to market demand for hot products (Pardon the pun) the economy of business benefits and retail execution proves its’ value.

Investing with AFS Retail Execution means minimal risk.

Here’s another situation to consider: A soda manufacturer launched a BOGO deal on its cola product as part of its Memorial Day promotion. Based on previous data, they were able to aggregate data from a cluster of stores in a region and determine the high-risk stores. The field sales for those stores are sent tasks via their mobile devices to review the store to ensure it is compliant and the promotion is working. For one store chain, the retail execution output reveals that the product is close to being out of stock. An email goes to headquarters and a driver is notified in time to check inventory and restock the end-cap display. Critical out-of-stock avoided!