On-Demand Webinar: Machine Learning + Retail Execution = Supercharged Store Visits, Delivery and Data Insights

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Machine Learning is a highly effective way of applying historical data to a problem by creating a model and using it to predict future behavior. Over time, Machine Learning identifies patterns and trends that stakeholders can leverage to improve company performance.

For Consumer Goods Companies with mobile field teams, Machine Learning can ensure reps, merchandisers and delivery teams are routed to the most promising stores more efficiently while empowering them to manage tasks quickly and effectively.  Saving time in store gives them the opportunity to complete more visits, resulting in potentially significant cost-savings.

Recent advances in computing technology, advanced analytics and embedded solutions approaches represent a unique moment to leverage these new, combined capabilities to achieve higher levels of performance and drive improved outcomes.

Join Microsoft and AFS for this free webinar and learn why there has never been a better time to get started supercharging your organization!