OnDemand Webinars: Efficiently Plan, Execute and Analyze Trade Spend – for Post Event Analysis with AFS & T-Pro

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T-Pro Solutions and AFS Technologies, organizations that provide industry-leading software applications designed to more efficiently plan, execute and analyze trade spend, for Post Event Analysis.

Join hosts, Shelley Fow, Solution Engineer, AFS Technologies and Jon Vasatka, T-Pro Solutions EVP Customer Success, as they share how to answer some of the critical business questions all manufacturers face to support a thorough Post Event Analysis:


• WHAT is your promotional spend getting you – increased revenue or just additional costs?
• WHERE are your most effective trade dollars being spent?
• WHEN are you just throwing your trade dollars away?
• HOW often are you performing post promotion analysis?
• WHO is receiving your promotional spending and what you are getting in return?

WATCH NOW this free webinar and hear from industry experts about how to support more effective post-event analysis for your organization.