Organically Grown Company Case Study

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4 Great Video Insights – Traceability, Voice-Picking, WMS

Greater order accuracy in the warehouse means efficiencies and that positively affects your companies’ bottom line. That is what every warehouse manager wants to put in their executive reports.

For a warehouse that deals in organically grown produce, certification requirements and traceability compliance add extra levels of complexity. “These are key for our business,” says Paul Logan, IT Director for Organically Grown Company (OGC). “We have to be able to prove that our products are organic and we need to trace them back to the farm or the distributor. We needed a product that would be scalable and would adapt to our circumstances.”

AFS WMS and Discovery G2 have helped OGC:

  • Achieve greater order accuracy with voice picking
  • Improve product traceability and tracking
  • Improve inventory accuracy up 20-25%
  • Reduce manual errors
  • Reduce warehouse personnel training from weeks to days

See how OGC gained control over their process. Fill out the form to view the OGC case study video.

AFS -OGC Case Study- FINAL from AFS Technologies on Vimeo.