Rapid Time to Value

Technology can be a huge competitive advantage. AFS understands this and builds solutions with rich functionality that puts the power in the hands of the business user. Users can work more efficiently, more effectively, and can respond to market changes at the speed of business. For example:

  • AFS Trade Promotion Management Retail is the only software on the market that enables you to plan at any hierarchy level of product and geography, providing visibility just where you need it.
  • AFS Trade Promotion Management Foodservice is the only full service solution on the market to help foodservice manufacturers catch claim errors and ensure accurate payments.
  • AFS Retail Execution is a unique, highly-flexible platform that can be configured on the fly. Quickly respond to a global roll-out from corporate and adjust on the fly based on the competition—without IT support.

The entire suite of AFS software has strong analytical capabilities embedded to facilitate quick analysis and measurement of effectiveness and performance.

After putting this level of automation and power in the hands of people in sales and finance, our customers have started to see a return on investment within four months.

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