Overcoming Data Challenges to Support Data Driven Foodservice Decisions

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In November I attended the IFMA President’s Conference in Phoenix Arizona where the message of all speakers was loud and clear, data represents the largest opportunity and subsequently the biggest challenge for foodservice manufacturers today.

AFS Technologies, who partners with the vast majority of the Forbes Top 25 Global Food companies, supports large manufacturers to cleanse, standardize and map distributor velocity and claim data back to their master customer and product files, allowing their teams to analyze both non-rebated and rebated operator sales more effectively.

If your team is struggling to gain access to your end location customer data in a standardized format that will allow you to develop and implement powerful, focused, sales and trade strategies, I’d welcome the chance to connect and learn more about your organizational requirements.  I have attached brief overview of the services we offer our foodservice and ingredient partners and the benefit these services offer their teams.

Let’s work together and make 2018 the year data provides the biggest opportunity to your organizations growth.

Sheryle Blasko
Enterprise Accounts Director, FS TPM Division
 Technologies | http://tpm.afsi.com | C: 647.969.4528