Post User Conference Corporate Message

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The Annual AFS Technologies User Conference wrapped up late Friday in Phoenix Arizona and it has been noted by our customers and CEO, Joe Bellini, as a success. The message was loud and clear, AFS Technologies is a committed technology partner who continues to reinvest in the area of their business that drives the most value for their customers, Product Development. With the future mapped out and shared by each Product Manager, it was clear to see AFS provides dynamic, purpose-built solutions that are future-proofed and meant to drive shareholder value through topline growth, bottom-line growth, and profitability.

AFS CEO, Joe Bellini (Right)

Bellini joined the organization in April 2015 and under his leadership all processes have been scrubbed to streamline administration enabling the diversion of funds to support continuous Research & Development. Bellini implemented annual Health Check reviews with clients to ensure partnerships continue to provide value and the results are in, customer satisfaction is at >95%. This was consistently reiterated by clients throughout the conference who confirmed the most value derived from AFS was the partnership itself, citing AFS as a “responsive and engaged” partner who worked alongside their teams to truly understand their business and support their unique organizational requirements. Driving process efficiency as a part of each member of the organizations monthly objectives has paid off and Bellini feels confident the year to come will foster new and greater industry partnerships and a renewed engagement with existing partners across all AFS’ solutions.