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Trade spend makes up about 20-25 percent of a company’s revenue. It’s an unruly beast that demands more and more money, time and resources to maintain. AFS applies global consumer goods expertise, rich functionality embedded with deep insights, and a low-risk platform to quickly tame trade spend and contract business while delivering profits.

Based on 30 years of working in the consumer goods industry, AFS has designed the AFS Trade Promotion Management solution to support your go-to-market strategies and your business processes—no matter how complex. Built with rich functionality, we offer applications for:

AFS Trade Promotion Management Retail (TPM Retail):  Plan, execute, settle and analyse retail programs targeted at consumers all within our TPM Retail. Typically such programs are made up of short term promotional events overlaid with non-promotional (base) business.

AFS Trade Promotion Management Foodservice (TPM Foodservice):  Create, administer and analyze contracts with your distributors and operators. These contracts contain pricing and rebate information for products which are typically consumed outside of the home such as hotels, restaurants and airports.

Our proven approach and easy access to embedded insights will help you work smarter and faster when managing your trade spend.

AFS gives you the freedom to focus on your business with our future-proofed platform that will grow with you. It’s based on Saas (Software as a Service), with no maintenance required from IT. You benefit from seamless upgrades. Our trade promotion management solution integrates into your existing infrastructure so no consulting is required.