Did It Take a Hurricane for You to Assess Your Food & Beverage Supply Chain Data

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When a natural disaster is forecast, and will soon be bearing down on your business, you have little time to prepare; board up windows, secure the property, collect the things you see as important, protect physical assets and get your people to safety.

The National Weather Center, State and Federal Governments prepared Floridians well for Hurricane Irma, but still, some companies scrambled to protect their businesses in the last few days and hours, not knowing how devastating the storm would be.

When living in Los Angeles, California in 1994, I was in a building that nearly collapsed in the middle of the night during a big earthquake, it was really frightening, devastating the area. These natural disasters give you no warning. In the Midwest with tornado’s, you get little warning. Add in terrorism and man-made catastrophic failures, and it gives you pause to assess how your business would plan for, handle, and recover from such an event.

Once the threat passes and you can account for the safety of your co-workers, you try to get back to work and a sense of normalcy—and your priorities change. You need a supply of food and fresh water. You need a stable power system, then lights come on, computers and servers get fired up, employees return, and you get back to the everyday realities of business; data integrity, data security, data management, data, data, data!

“Your concern is very well appreciated and we are glad to know we can count on AFS support as usual, next few days are going to be very challenging. Hopefully hurricane Irma will make a turn to the north and not cause any loss of life or major damage here or elsewhere.” Eduardo Santiago – Jose Santiago Co.

Data really is the life-blood of their business, but because one can’t touch and feel it, it sometimes gets lost in the priority mix. But to get the supply chain of food and beverages moving efficiently again, it is critical their systems are intact. From accounting to sales and marketing, it is all-consuming, imagine your business without its data? It’s a valuable accumulation of many years of work and thousands of man-hours.

AFS support teams reached out to its supply chain customers in the path of the recent Hurricanes, to help them secure their data in the event of the worst-case scenario. By doing this they will be back in business quicker to serve the people of Florida.

Having a technology partner that acts proactively is the right choice.

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