Purpose-built for Foodservice Manufacturers

Establish control, gain visibility and ensure accuracy with Exceedra Foodservice.


Exceedra (TPM Foodservice) is a true end-to-end solution, that supports the most complex go-to-market strategies in a simplified, easy-to-use contract management tool with automated processes, full claim validation and settlement services including operator coupons, check writing, and data analytics. Our robust settlement system identifies all claiming errors and ensures accurate payment with rigorous audit processes. Our solution enables you to work faster and smarter while gaining rich insights to drive high-performing sales strategies.

AFS Data Acquisition is an intelligent data management service that captures and standardizes claim and velocity data. The process engine smartly scrubs and maps Products and Company entities from various desperate file formats to your master data using matching algorithms to create a single reliable structure. This stand-alone product can be integrated with Exceedra Foodservice application, G2 Analytics, or a Manufacturer’s own internal trade and reporting systems.


Exceedra Foodservice & Data Acquisition improves outcomes by enabling the underlying business processes that impact trade promotion performance through workflow-based activities including:

  • Managing complex go-to-market strategies
  • Defend and win approaches in highly competitive brand and growth categories
  • Maximize trade at the street level when working through distributors
  • Streamline deduction and settlement processes
    Drive efficiencies in managing users, including sales agencies/brokers
  • Enable visibility into indirect/operator, sales and trade spend strategies and performance
  • Increase operator loyalty program performance


Backed by 30 years of expertise, AFS understands the complexity of the Foodservice market and how losing money due to invalid deductions and payments impacts a manufacturer’s bottom line. Our system establishes controls, improves visibility and ensures accuracy, resulting in a significant return on your investment within the first year. You also benefit from:

  • Visibility into the right tactics which helps to determine the best pricing tactics to achieve a two percent or higher increase in sales
  • Increased program effectiveness generated by greater exposure into contract margin performance, resulting in a one percent sales increase
  • Reduced settlement errors and liability associated with increased exposure to invalid claims delivers 10 percent in cost avoidance
    Improved labor productivity by using automated processes and a single data repository throughout the life cycle of trade spend results in a 30 percent reduction in costs associated the trade/deduction team
  • Cost reductions of up to 30 percent by streamlining data sharing with distributors and operators
  • Increase operator loyalty program performance

“AFS is processing claims faster than the deductions are coming in. The deduction balance is the lowest it has been since I started at Bridgford.” Ray Lancy, CFO Bridgford Foods


When resources are stretched, and you are relying on spreadsheets or inadequate systems to manage your trade spend, it’s challenging to effectively control the trade spend. Exceedra TPM Foodservice was designed to streamline and simplify contract management, expedite claim/deduction processing, and gain unparalleled operator end user location insights. Our solution supports all size manufacturers from Tier 1 to Tier 3 :

  • Contract Management -Template driven with user-defined roles which allows for visibility restrictions and approval controls.
    • Configure automated approval workflows and manage margins with Scenario Planning
    • Ability to define all types of programs types like distributor buying groups, GPO’s, Earned Income, Growth & Volume, Deviations, Direct Rebates, Operator Coupons, etc.
  • Claim Settlement
    • Foodservice data management includes consuming, scrubbing, mapping and generating electronic trade claim data for rapid settlement and reporting
    • Coupon redemption portal for operators to download coupons, submit, and view payment information.
    • Third-party payer capabilities to manage your account with services for payment processing (Checks and ACH)
  • Data Analytics (including AFS G2)
    • Operator end user compliance, void, and multi-dip reporting along with line level claim detail information to identify whitespace opportunities and potential cost-savings
    • Contracted vs. Street insights provides a unique insight into a manufacturer’s operator contracted volume
    • Visibility to all contracts and spend down to the customer, sku level for complete financial accruals


Our product management team tracks industry trends along with aggregating direct customer input in order to derive the requirements that power our future releases. Exceedra Foodservice is focused on the following foodservice segments:

  • Canned foods
  • Cereals and pastas
  • Coffee, tea, powdered beverages
  • Packaged baked goods
  • Packaged dairy including cheese
  • Packaged frozen foods
  • Packaged meats including meats, fish, and seafood,
  • Oils, sauces and salad dressings
  • Refrigerated foods, including eggs
  • Restaurant supplies, including disposables, paper products and cleaning products
  • Snacks, nuts cookies and candy