OnDemand Webinar: Warehouse Improvements Using AFS WMS – Increasing Accuracy & Efficiency

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In this webinar, John Robba of Scavuzzo’s will talk with AFS’ Jordan Bullington, WMS Manager, about how Scavuzzo’s address the challenges of increased accuracy and efficiency in their warehouses. John will talk about how they train new employees and get them up to speed fast.

As transparency becomes an integral part of the global food supply chain, companies are being required to maintain detailed and up to date reports on their warehouse inventory.

Warehouses need to be able to report on where products came in from? When products arrived? They need to know where products are after they leave the warehouse? Their staff need to be trained to manage these requirements. Today’s warehouse has to be able to turn product efficiently and accurately accounting for all its inventory to keep date sensitive product from sitting too long on the dock and missing its place in the rotation. For perishable’s, this is of the utmost importance.